10 Most Strongest Characters In Tokyo Revengers Based On The Manga

If takemichi become as tall as draken for one day- // Tokyo revengers// part-1
If takemichi become as tall as draken for one day- // Tokyo revengers// part-1

10 Most Strongest Characters In Tokyo Revengers Based On The Manga

10 Most Strongest Characters In Tokyo Revengers Based On The Manga

Warning: This post contains major spoilers from the manga so, read it at your own risk!

Tokyo Revengers has entered its final arc of the manga series and it’s getting more & more intense with every chapter. With the latest release of Tokyo Revengers chapter 224, it looks confirmed that the three deities of Japan are going to collide in the upcoming battle. And, the one who will come out as the winner will be the strongest character in Tokyo Revengers.

Tokyo Revengers is a popular manga series that started serialization in 2017 and in April 2021 it got an anime adaptation by Liden Films. It became a successful series in no time and caught the eyes of many.

Now, the show is concluded and the fabs are waiting for Tokyo Revengers Season 2. But, the curiosity of the fans is still at its peak as we always see towards other anime. A common question is, ”Who is the strongest?”

So, in this article, we have made up a list of the ’10 strongest characters in Tokyo Revengers’ that are considered to be the toughest ones in manga & anime. This will help you in knowing who is the real deal.

Let’s get started then.

10. Mitsuya Takashi

 Mitsuya Takashi

One of the founding members of Toman and the president of the 2nd division of the Tokyo Manji gang, Mitsuya Takashi is the most simplest, caring and cool type of delinquent. It is rare to see a person like him who is both good at fighting & studies.

The way he fought against Valhalla and later in the manga against the leader of Black Dragons shows how strong his personality is. He’s not the strongest in Tokyo Revengers, but the balance and simplicity he brings in Toman are commendable and that’s why he is favorite of many.

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9. Taiju Shiba

taiju shiba

Going to be the antagonist of Tokyo Revengers S2, Taiju Shiba is the leader of the 10th Generation Black Dragons. Due to his enormous body physique, he was considered to be the toughest gang leader but, not after what Mikey did to him.

He single-handedly fought against Takemichi, his younger brother Hakkai and Mitsuya even after being stabbed by a knife. His monstrous power attacks are something that can’t be defended so easily. So, it’s better to be prepared against him.

8. Keisuke Baji

keisuke baji

The former president of the 1st division of Tokyo Manji, Keisuke Baji has one of the finest character development in the series. Baji’s death was a great shock for the fandom. His sacrifice in the decisive battle against Valhalla is an unforgettable moment for the fans.

Even after being wounded, he defeated all 50 members of Kisaki’s group by himself. This shows his true potential. Sadly, Baji is not with us anymore but his words will always be in our hearts forever.

7. Ken Ryuguji (Draken)

draken tokyo revengers

The tallest and toughest guy of Toman, Ken Ryuguji is commonly known as ‘Draken’ is the vice-president of Tokyo Manji and the closest friend of Mikey. His immense aura is something an enemy is scared of.

During the Bloody Halloween Arc, he crushed around 20 members of Moebius even after being hit by a rod in his head. In the fight against Valhalla & the Black Dragons members as well, Draken single-handedly took over a dozen of members all by himself.

Draken looks calm & silent, but he’s not a joke when it comes to fighting and the trust Mikey bestows upon him proves it all.

6. Kisaki Tetta

kisaki tetta

Surprising name in this list! No one would have considered Kisaki to be the strongest in Tokyo Revengers but honestly, he deserves to be called so. Because in my opinion, physical strength shouldn’t be the only parameter to decide who is strongest and who is not.

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And, that’s why Kisaki made it into this list because of his clever mind & well-executed plans that created chaos in almost every arc of Tokyo Revengers. He is the main antagonist of the series and has proved it by his unpredictable tactics against his opponents. Indeed, he is not liked by many but still, Kisaki displayed the potential of a true villain in a happy ending story every time.

5. Haitani Brothers

Haitani Brothers tokyo revengers strongest characters

Haitani Brothers were first introduced during the Valhalla battle as they were appointed there as the judge. The older brother, Ran Haitani (right) and the younger brother, Rindo Haitani (left) both are active members of the Rokuhara Tendai gang. Ran is the No.2 of Rokuhara Tendai, after their leader Terano South.

The pair of these two brothers are capable of taking down an entire gang without any help. Such a deadly combo of these Haitani Brothers is. They’re two, but each one of them is capable of winning a fight all alone.

4. Izana Kurokawa

Izana Kurokawa

Izana Kurokawa, the previous leader of the Tenjiku Gang is one among those who withstood Mikey’s special attack. He is related to Mikey and fought with his neck to neck without any sign of fear. His extraordinary keen sense allows him to read his opponents move in advance, which helps him in tackling the attack.

Kurokawa is just the opposite of Mikey and his flawless fighting ability is a treat to watch. Moreover, Yuki Kaji is going to be the voice actor of Kurokawa which is a clear indication of how strong his personality is.

3. Terano South

Terano South

Terano South is the newest entry in the ongoing Tokyo Revengers manga and from the beginning his impact on the story is impressive. He is the leader of the Rokuhara Tendai gang, one of the three deities of Japan.

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Terano’s physique is so gigantic that even a tall guy like Draken was looking like a kid in front of him. There aren’t many scenes or fights of Terano in the manga but predicting the future of the series, he is going to be a game-changer.

2. Kawaragi Senju

Kawaragi Senju is the gang leader of one of the three deities, Brahman. But, what’s interesting is that Senju is the only female character in this list and the entire Tokyo Revengers fandom who is considered to be the toughest & strongest character in Tokyo Revengers.

She possesses great mobility and athleticism which makes her superior to others. Moreover, she uses the same kicking style as that of Mikey. Kawaragi Senju is the perfect example of women empowerment.

1. Sano Manjiro (Mikey)

Mikey strongest tokyo revengers characters

The ‘Invincible’ Mikey, the name is more than enough to tell you about him. It’s enough to tell why Mikey is the strongest character in Tokyo Revengers. Because no one has ever beaten him in a fight. Osanai, Hanma, Taiju are all examples of Mikey’s excellence and his powerful “Nuclear Kick” attack.

First, the leader of Toman and currently, the leader of the Kanto Manji gang, Mikey is born to be a king of his own world. He is like a small packet with a big surprise. It doesn’t matter how strong or tall the enemy is, Mikey always knocks out his opponent in a mere second and that’s why he is so popular among the fans.

So, that’s the end of this article. Hoping you liked it. If not, then let us know in the comments section the ones you want to be added to this list.

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