19 how many pounds of force to crush a watermelon Full Guide

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how many pounds of force to crush a watermelon
19 how many pounds of force to crush a watermelon Full Guide

How much force do you need to crush a watermelon between your thighs? [1]

How much force do you need to crush a watermelon between your thighs?Olson explained that in order to successfully smash a watermelon between your legs, it takes over 364 pounds of force. How much strength does it take to break a watermelon?Well, as we all know, few people attempt to open watermelons by crude force
Force is estimated as several hundred pounds, or more than 100 kilogram in metric units.. How hard is it to smash a watermelon?It takes about 364 pounds of force to smash a watermelon.
However, it depends on how ripe the watermelon is, as over ripped watermelons tend to go soft and are easily crushed.. Is it possible to crush a watermelon with your thighs?!

How strong do you have to be to crush a watermelon between your thighs? [2]

How strong do you have to be to crush a watermelon between your thighs?You won’t want to skip leg day at the gym if you want to achieve this feat. Olson explained that in order to successfully smash a watermelon between your legs, it takes over 364 pounds of force
Crushing a watermelon requires roughly 320 lbs of force, where a human skull requires 520 lbs of force.. Can a human crush a watermelon?It takes about 364 pounds of force to smash a watermelon.
Is a watermelon as hard as a human skull?Of course not. The cranial bones are mostly much harder than a watermelon.

How many pounds of force does it take to crush a watermelon? [3]

How many pounds of force does it take to crush a watermelon?. Olson explained that in order to successfully smash a watermelon between your legs, it takes over 364 pounds of force.
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[Request] If someone can crush a watermelon between their thighs, is it feasible they could also crush a human skull?. If you would like to submit a comment that does not either attempt to answer the question, ask for clarification, or explain why it would be infeasible to answer, you must post your comment as a reply to this one

Las Vegas woman smashes way into record books by crushing 3 watermelons in 7 seconds [5]

(WHDH) — A Las Vegas woman smashed her way into the record books.. Kortney Olson smashed three watermelons between her legs in seven seconds
“We’re told as a society that women are the weaker sex, and we want women to know that we are equal and although somethings – we all have varying degrees of differences that we can do, but at the end of the day women are super powerful,” she said.. It takes about 364 pounds of force to smash a watermelon.

VIDEO: Las Vegas Woman Sets Record For Crushing Watermelons With Her Legs [6]

VIDEO: Las Vegas Woman Sets Record For Crushing Watermelons With Her Legs. A local Las Vegas woman has “crushed” a world record.
Kortney Olson, the founder of the local clothing brand GRRRL, broke the world record for crushing three watermelons between her thighs.. Olson set the record and crushed all three watermelons between her legs in just seven seconds! According to Olson, the previous world record for crushing that many of the fruit was set at 14 seconds.
Olson explained that in order to successfully smash a watermelon between your legs, it takes over 364 pounds of force.. .@KortneyOlson hoping to set a new @GWR for crushing 3 watermelons at the grand opening of her first #GRRRLClotning store on Main Street in #DTLV

Human Punch Force Calculator [7]

Using our human punch force calculator, you can find out how many newtons of force is in your punch and learn how many pounds of punch force a human can deliver on average.. Here, we will tell you about your potential impact force and the pressure of your punch, all based on your weight, punching speed, time of delivery, and the surface area of your punch.
In this calculator, we’ve often referred to force and pressure. If you want to improve your grip on these matters, check out our force conversion and pressure conversion tools.
– Angle & surface area of the punch and the target;. – Time it takes for the punch to reach its max kinetic energy; and

Las Vegas woman shatters watermelon crushing record [8]

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — A new store is shattering the mold, and world records.. GRRRL Clothing opened in downtown Las Vegas on June 5
The previous record was 14 seconds and held by Ukrainian strongwoman, Olga Liaschuk.. Olson said it takes about 364 pounds of force to smash a watermelon
Grand opening celebration for @KortneyOlson’s GRRRL Clothing store on Main Street in #DTLV. @PositivelyLV @KTNV pic.twitter.com/xk6ZUkzQMY— Joyce Lupiani (@Joyce_Lupiani) June 4, 2021

Watch This Female Powerlifter Squash a Watermelon With Her Thighs [9]

YouTube powerlifting sensation Megan Gallagher—a.k.a. Megsquats—doesn’t care about your Fruit Ninja high score
Seriously, we can no longer be impressed by karate instructors breaking “cinder blocks” over their heads, because this thigh-powered watermelon-demolition is the new benchmark of destroying stuff with your body.. Now, we should clarify that Gallagher doesn’t fully crush the watermelon, but her trained legs put enough pressure on the bulbous fruit to send juice oozing out of the cuts (which she sliced in the fruit, which is basically akin to putting chalk on your hands before a deadlift)
Gallagher isn’t the first to attempt the challenge, successfully performed by fellow female bodybuilder Kortney Olson and perfected by watermelon-crushing world-record holder Olga Liaschuk. The fruit feat is especially difficult because it’s just damn difficult to lift (or break) round stuff

How does degaussing work? [10]

Degaussers are machines that erase the data from hard drives. Using powerful electromagnetic currents, they render hard drives unusable.
Hard drives store your data on something called a platter. The platter is the part of the hard drive that contains millions of tiny bits of data
While binary code might seem daunting to look at, it’s actually quite easy to understand.. As humans, we developed ways to count using a base-ten number system (zero to nine) – simply because we have ten fingers

The Physics of a Bolt Smashing a Watermelon (or Your Brain) [11]

It’s easier to follow the rules when you understand why they’re there in the first place. In this case, the rule is “Wear your hard hat, fool.” On a construction site, you are supposed to wear a hard hat just in case something falls on you
The video claims that the one-pound piece will have an impact force of about 2,000 pounds when it collides after falling 20 feet. It’s really difficult to calculate the impact force for a couple of reasons
Second, the impact force depends on the stopping distance. If the bolt hit a hard surface and stopped in a super short period of time, the impact force would be much larger than if it hit a soft surface (soft like a watermelon head)

This Woman Could Crack Your Head Like It’s A Watermelon [12]

This Las Vegas woman crushed 3 watermelons in under 8 seconds to set a new world record. She didn’t use her arms, her feet, nope, she used her thighs
These screams are 10 times as loud as tennis players.. At the end of this video, the news anchor shares a little nugget that it takes 364 lbs of force to crush a watermelon and 520 lbs of force to crush a human’s skull
Clearly, she’s never been down on a big or super fit girl before and had to worry about having his head popped like a pimple. That would be a horrible way to go; you’re down there being nice waiting until you’ve done enough until you can have sex, and then boom, your head goes splat.

Meet the woman whose thighs crush watermelons like they’re nothing [13]

The Internet calls her “the watermelon girl” — a name earned from her videos crushing the large, oblong fruit with the force of her bare thighs.. It’s attracted the kind of viral attention that could get someone meme-ified, destroyed and spit back out after their 15 minutes of dubious fame, but not Kortney Olson, who created her first watermelon-crushing video in 2009.
She wraps her legs around a full-size watermelon, bringing herself up onto her palms and lifting her knees, a plank pose. “That’s a big ass watermelon!” she exclaims, looking over her shoulder.
Her sizable quad muscles ripple visibly, and then with an audible pop the watermelon bursts, gushing juice down her thighs as she pants and giggles. Your reaction probably sounds a lot like the unseen camera operator’s: “Wow.”

‘Game of Thrones’ Question: What’s It Take to Crush a Skull? [14]

MASSIVE SPOILER ALERT! The burning question left in the wake of the latest episode of “Game of Thrones” is not whether the Night’s Watch will survive the Wildlings’ attack, but whether it’s possible for a human to crush an adversary’s cranium with his or her bare hands.. Saying anything more about the grisly ending of the “Mountain vs
Let’s just say that this biomechanical conundrum has come up several times before in a cinematic context. The same question was raised when Benedict Cumberbatch’s Khan character dispatched a foe in “Star Trek Into Darkness,” or when Rutger Hauer’s replicant character offed his creator in “Blade Runner.”
His bottom line, primarily based on a bike-helmet study published in the Journal of Neurosurgery: Pediatrics, is that a skull crush would require 520 pounds (2,300 newtons) of force. That’s thought to be roughly twice as much force as human hands can typically muster.

Watch a Las Vegas woman smash 3 watermelons, and a world record, with her thighs [15]

ABC News reports that Las Vegas bodybuilder Kortney Olson crushed three watermelons with her thighs over the weekend and shattered a world record by doing that in only 7.63 seconds. The previous women’s best was 14.75 seconds and was held by Ukrainian thigh-master Olga Liashchuk, according to Guinness World Records.
The record-breaking event celebrated Saturday’s Sin City store opening of GRRRL Clothing — an athletic clothing company owned by Olson. Olson’s shop will also host fitness and self-defense classes, including an Aug

Hippos eating watermelons at Nagasaki Biopark [16]

The hippopotamus’ strong jaws can crush a watermelon in one bite. At Japan’s Nagasaki Biopark, “Hippo’s Watermelon Time” happens twice a day
Watch these powerful herbivores demonstrate their bite of 1,825 psi (pounds per square inch) while they eat delicious watermelon. But there is no cut made by our staff to break easily
Next, watch Baby Hippo Makes a Splash at the San Diego Zoo and a hippo gets his teeth brushed.. Also at Nagasaki Biopark: “Enjoy scratching with many capybaras” while they sleep.

Las Vegas Woman Crushes Male Watermelon Crushing World Record With Her Thighs [17]

A Las Vegas woman has crushed the world watermelon crushing record — between her thighs.. Bodybuilder Kortney Olson mulched three of the fruits in just 7.5 seconds, shattering not only the female record, but the male one too.
Teyana Taylor Celebrates Being First Black Woman Named Maxim’s ‘Sexiest Woman Alive’View Story. Olson obliterated both on Friday to mark the opening of her GRRRL Clothing athletic wear store in Vegas, which is aimed at women’s empowerment.
“We all have varying degrees of differences but women are super powerful.”. “I just decided in correlation with our store opening because it’s a community space and we really want to start utilizing the space to teach things, to share this watermelon-crushing story with younger girls,” she told the publication.

Force needed to break watermelons [18]

I used data from “DEFORMATION AND BREAKAGE PROPERTIES OF WATERMELON FLESH” ,R. SHOWALTER, Department of Food Science, University of Florida to calculate.
This test was done on a cylinder shape of watermelon flesh cut from center and middle of watermelon.. Cylinder was 0.008 meter radius and 0.102 meter long
Inner cylinder(center) broke at 0.366 kg and outer cylinder broke at 0.389 kg. Since it is 0.016 meter thick, the unit threshold force needed in center is 22.9 kg/m and middle(0.006 meter from the center) is 24.3 kg/m.

Yes, That Game of Thrones Exploding Head Thing Could Really Happen (Probably) [19]

This post contains spoilers for the episode of Game of Thrones “The Mountain and the Viper,” which aired June 1, 2014.. Last night’s Game of Thrones episode, “The Mountain and the Viper,” made a resounding (and gruesome) case for the latter
Still, few viewers could have predicted that his duel with Oberyn Martell would end the way it did: with the Mountain, despite serious injuries, gouging out Oberyn’s eyes and then bare-handedly crushing his opponent’s head until it exploded.. So how strong would the Mountain have to be to make that possible?
Note that 520 pounds of force (about 2300 Newtons) isn’t the same as being able to lift 520 pounds, which we have no doubt the Mountain could easily swing. Force, you may remember from high-school physics, is mass times acceleration

#POV Crush a Watermelon with your thighs #Shorts

#POV Crush a Watermelon with your thighs #Shorts
#POV Crush a Watermelon with your thighs #Shorts

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