6 things you can do to take a stand against police brutality – without even leaving your home

Officer Tommy Norman – 1 year without his daughter, Alyssa
Officer Tommy Norman – 1 year without his daughter, Alyssa

6 things you can do to take a stand against police brutality – without even leaving your home

Let me just say that I’m angry in even writing about this topic – yet again. I’m angry at the police officers that feel no remorse in taking lives. I’m angry that change has yet to be made no matter how hard we fight, cry and scream. It’s been four years since the killing of Trayvon Martin. And now, we are witnessing even more dead bodies laid on street corners and cops that are so complacent that even with cameras attached to their body and another one attached to their dashboard, they will still kill unarmed people without even batting an eye – and then go home at night as if nothing ever happened.

But, you know what really irritates my soul?! I’m angry that after countless videos and clear instances of police brutality, some people still want to debate about the validity of the black lives matter movement.

Then I realized something and it finally made me wake up: You can’t argue with ignorance. For those people that still choose to ignore or insult the black lives matter movement, they simply will never get it. And instead of arguing with people so privileged that they can’t even understand why this movement is so important, I’ve decided to stand with my brothers and sisters (of all races J ) and provide tips and resources so that we all can fight together. I vow to not waste my time arguing with ignorant people. It’s a losing battle.

Instead I want to use my platform to help unite our country by bringing together people that actually want to see a change made. So, here are 6 things you can personally do, no matter what skin color you are, to take a stand against police brutality. And guess what, you don’t even have to leave your home to do it.

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1. Support businesses that donate; especially ones that donate to poverty stricken areas

We can no longer meaninglessly give money to just any business. Million and billion dollar companies could easily decrease poverty levels and rebuild communities – but only if they care enough to donate. Several businesses and brands (celebrities included) do not and have not ever donated money to communities nor have done any acts of Philanthropy. Yet companies like Wells Fargo, Google, and Target continue to donate around 5% of their profits every year – totaling to upwards of 147 million dollars a year.

Google for example, according to Insider Monkey, provides minorities with coding programs that ultimately provide better job placement.

In addition to that, in 2015 Google gave 2.35 million dollars to groups fighting for racial justice, according to USAToday. They even officially announced this donation at a national screening of 3 ½ minutes, 10 Bullets – the documentary of the shooting of unarmed black 17-year-old Jordan Davis.

In 2014, Target had one million employees work on community service projects that totaled one million hours. In 2015, Target planned to spend one million dollars in education alone.

Bank of America invested $106 billion dollars in low income housing.

Many police brutality deaths are occurring in areas that have a high level of poverty. Businesses understand the need for resources in poverty stricken areas and continue to pour money into these communities. Less poverty equals less crime which means less opportunity for police altercations. If we continue to support them, they will continue to support these communities.

2. Sign petitions

There are many petitions that fight against police brutality. One, as posted on change.org is a national action to prosecute police who murder unarmed individuals. Click here to sign this petition.

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Another petition on the Credoaction website, urges the Department of Justice to step in to ensure a full and thorough investigation of police violence against African-Americans, instead of relying solely on the police department. Click here to sign this petition.

Officer Tommy Norman: Courtesy of Instagram @tnorman23

3. Stay Informed

Continue to stay aware through watching both the news and social media. Pay attention to police brutality videos and share these videos on your social media accounts. The more people that stay aware, the more people that will fight. As there is strength in numbers, more people aware means more people involved, and more people committed to fighting for change.

4. Join the Black Lives Matter Chapter

I believe that every person that cares about America should join the Black Lives Matter movement. This movement isn’t intended to insult cops or place black people on a pedestal, but to reaffirm the notion that black lives matter just as much as any other life. Statistically, black people make up only 13% of the US population, yet 32% of unarmed people that were killed by police in 2015 were black. At this rate, statistically the black population could once again decrease due to mass killings. Let’s not forget that just 50 years ago, thousands of black people were dying to members of the KKK and police enforcement, no matter the crime or the evidence. There is nothing wrong with making sure this horrible incident of history doesn’t repeat itself.

Join a chapter and get involved with this movement by clicking here: http://blacklivesmatter.com/find-chapters/

5. Stop saying and thinking that ALL cops are bad

To believe that all police officers kill black people is just as ignorant as believing that all black people carry guns. Let’s stop this idea that all police officers, or all white police officers, are bad or racist. We must respect our police officers and join forces with those that want change just as badly as we do. Take officer Tommy Norman that continues to boldly love and support the black community by posting positive images of himself with black youth in an effort to change how people, especially black people, view the police. Click here to like his Facebook page.

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6. Stop using the term “all lives matter”

This “all lives matter” term is completely counterproductive to the black lives matter movement. It is not a reaffirmation that we are all equal, but rather a ploy to silence a community that is fearing for its life. Saying “All Lives Matter” is taking the focus off of the facts and the statistics that clearly show that black people are dying more frequently by the hands of police than any other race.

However, do not ignore other races that are also affected by police brutality. You can fight for those just the same, as they are just as important. Share all videos that showcase police brutality and continue to shed your thoughts and opinions, but only in a way that brings peace and understanding.

Just another thing to think about: Technology is new but police brutality is not. This has been going on for many years. This means that they are many murders that are happened that were not caught on camera, and we may never know the whole story. This thought is literally terrifying.

For this reason alone, we need to stop debating and start uniting.

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