‘9-1-1’: 8 Questions We Need Answered in March 2022 Return

9-1-1 5×04 Chimney and Hen ending scene
9-1-1 5×04 Chimney and Hen ending scene

‘9-1-1’: 8 Questions We Need Answered in March 2022 Return

‘9-1-1’: 8 Questions We Need Answered in March 2022 Return

9-1-1 wrapped up the first part of its fifth season with one of the 118 making a major decision that will shake things up when it returns in March and keeping us in the dark about what’s going on with an MIA former dispatcher and the firefighter tracking her down.

In the first 10 episodes, Maddie’s (Jennifer Love Hewitt) postpartum depression led to her leaving her boyfriend, Chimney (Kenneth Choi), and their daughter, Jee-Yun, thinking she wasn’t safe with her (due to a trip to the hospital). He eventually went after her.

Family is also taking Eddie (Ryan Guzman) away from the 118 — but possibly permanently. In the winter finale, after his son Christopher (Gavin McHugh) told him he wanted a perfect Christmas because he thought Eddie could be dead next year. The firefighter has decided to leave the 118.

So what do those major moves and more mean going forward? We take a look at the questions we need answered when the first responder drama returns in March. (The spinoff, Lone Star, is taking over the time slot beginning January 3, 2022.)

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ennifer Love Hewitt as Maddie in 9-1-1

What’s Maddie been up to?

According to her brother Buck (Oliver Stark), Maddie likely went to Boston, the happiest place for her and her abusive ex Doug’s marriage. Why is she going back to her past? (Is she, or is Buck wrong?) And what will whatever she finds there (or wherever she is) mean for her future? Will she eventually return to the 9-1-1 call center, or could she be on a new path? And has she been talking to a therapist — the one she’d been seeing in Los Angeles or a different one — while she’s been away?

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Kenneth Choi and Jennifer Love Hewitt in 9-1-1

What’s ahead for Maddie and Chimney’s relationship?

Last we saw Chimney, he was trying to track down Maddie, but ran into Eli (Mac Brandt), who offered some advice. Rather than risk showing up and making Maddie blame herself for the state he’s in, take a moment. “You can pull yourself together so eventually when you do find her, you can be the Howie she needs,” he said. So assuming Chimney does that, what will this time apart — and the subsequent conversations they need to have — mean for their relationship? They have a lot more than Maddie taking off to discuss; as Chimney noted, he’d let himself believe she was OK in LA because it was easier for him to do so.

Ryan Guzman as Eddie in 9-1-1

What’s next for Eddie if he truly does leave the 118?

As Eddie told Buck and Hen (Aisha Hinds), with his son “worried about me, about the risk I take while I’m at work … I have to make a change. I’m leaving the 118.” So now it’s a matter of seeing what that means since Guzman isn’t leaving the show. Will we see a different part of the LAFD on-screen? Will he switch over to being a paramedic permanently? Will Bobby (Peter Krause) find some way to keep him around the house? Will he eventually return? (That seems likely.)

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Megan West and Oliver Stark in 9-1-1

Will Buck and Taylor’s relationship last?

As Buck struggled with what to get his girlfriend Taylor (Megan West) for Christmas, he admitted to Bobby and Hen this is his first holiday in a serious relationship. They made it past that milestone, but as we’ve seen, Buck hasn’t had the best luck in love. Will this relationship change that?

Aisha Hinds and Oliver Stark in 9-1-1

Will there be a time jump?

Will we come back to find a few months have passed, and Eddie’s settled in wherever he’s going to be, Maddie and Chimney are possibly back, and there’s a new normal for the 118?

Peter Krause in 9-1-1, Rob Lowe in Lone Star

Will there be a major crossover with 9-1-1: Lone Star?

There has been talk of a crossover between the two shows — perhaps bigger than just members of the 118 going down to Texas, as they did last season — when they’re airing back-to-back again in the spring. However, nothing is definite yet. Will it happen? Will we finally see Bobby and Owen (Rob Lowe) working together?

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John Harlan Kim in 9-1-1

Will Albert return?

This likely simply depends on John Harlan Kim’s availability (he’s on Nancy Drew), but last we saw Albert in the fourth episode, he’d complained to Chimney about the lack of calls he was going on at his house. “All I do is roll hoses and make coffee and clean. This isn’t being a firefighter,” he’d said. Could he make the move over to the 118 at some point in the latter part of the season?

Oliver Stark, Aisha Hinds, Peter Krause, Ryan Guzman in 9-1-1

Will the 118 add a new member?

With Eddie leaving, even just temporarily, and Chimney still off looking for Maddie, will Bobby have to bring in a new, experienced firefighter? Ravi (Anirudh Pisharody) has stepped up this season, but he’s still a rookie, especially compared to the others.

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