Only Mariano || Encanto 2021 Disney
Only Mariano || Encanto 2021 Disney

Encanto (2021), dir. Byron Howard & Jared Bush��

Encanto (2021), dir. Byron Howard & Jared Bush��

being lads 🤝 being dads

BEST DANCING PER YEAR (as voted by my followers)
↳ 2021: Encanto

Jamal Sims – choreographer
Kaity Martinez – assistant choreographer

mariano guzmán

» favorite non-madrigal character

Happy birthday to Mirabel Madrigal!!

Time to rewatch this movie a 47th time now

# the famous walk

i love this family

chief requirement to become a madrigal husband: chug a gallon of LOVE MY WIFE juice with every square meal

[ID: a series of drawings of various characters from encanto recreating the meme of will smith presenting his wife. each one is done in vibrant colours against a rectangular backdrop of solid colour, white hearts swarming enthusiastically over the characters’ heads. one: agustin, smiling widely, presents julieta, who swats at him as she leans away, one hand cupping her cheek and the edge of a bashful grin. the background is warm, bright yellow. two: felix, grinning, presents pepa, who throws her head back in laughter, one hand on her hip and the other over her heart, a rainbow arcing behind her. the background is vivid red. three: mariano, sappily smiling, presents dolores, who returns his adoring gaze, leaning closer to him with both hands clasped to her chest. the background is an intense blue. end ID.]

  Meet the Voices Behind the ‘Encanto’ Cast

bonus: chief requirement to be a madrigal grandkid: want to be included in everything

[ID: grayscale drawings of the remaining madrigal grandchildren and an additional bruno recreating the meme themselves. one: isabela and mirabel enthusiastically present a flustered but appreciative luisa, who reaches up to touch the flower crown isabela has grown on her head. two: camilo (in the form of nightmare bruno) and antonio present a bewildered and alarmed bruno, who glances between the two of them, hands raised in surrender. antonio actually holds up a rat who strikes the will smith pose for him. three: camilo stands before the portrait of abuelo pedro, pointing at it with his thumb and saying: “do you think i should—” only to be cut off by another speech bubble which says, in all caps: “no, camilo.” end ID.]

welcome to the Family Madrigal, the home of the Family Madrigal, where all the people are fantastical and magical

Encanto (2021)

More encanto meme redraws 😀

And Bonus from the previous meme collection :

Also im sorry for the watermarks folks :(, you know i hate putting em but my previous memes has been reposted without credit too many times in too many social medias so yeah hjsnsakjmsak

Poor Mariano and Kristoff! The disappointment!

*lovesick sigh*

“I just have so much love inside…”

Mariano Guzman and Kristoff Bjorgman

Encanto | Headers

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  "Her love could hold up the world."

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Encanto | Headers

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Little Encanto Details From The Books, Part 2!

I was blown away by the response to my first post about this! (Read the first part here!) I went back through the two books and wrote down every tiny thing I could find. I think I won’t have any more until Disney releases a new book about Encanto, which hopefully they’ll do soon!

• Pepa and Agustín call Mirabel “Mira.”

• Bruno, if not the rest of the family, is Catholic (he crosses himself when meeting Antonio’s jaguar.)

• Abuela is considered the heart of the Encanto.

• Casita grows and expands to fit all the family members.

• Agustín and Félix are very close and are constantly talking.

• Isabela sometimes thinks it would be nice if she didn’t have a gift.

• While they’re both twenty-two, Isabela is older than Dolores.

• Antonio snores.

• The last time Abuela hugged Mirabel was before her failed Gift ceremony.

• The roof is Mirabel’s favorite spot in Casita.

• Casita likes being touched.

• Agustín is a pianist.

• Isabela always carries a handkerchief.

• After Luisa got her gift, she spent the rest of the night doing tricks with it for the townspeople.

• Luisa doesn’t care what she wears as long as it’s comfortable.

• Isabela drinks café con leche.

  mariano from encanto|TikTok Search

• Luisa’s ears turn red when she’s embarrassed.

• The man who told Luisa that the donkeys got out is named Señor Rendon, and he’s described as “sometimes careless.”

• Three other townspeople are named Señora Ruiz, Señora Flores, and Señora Uriarte.

• Luisa never took naps before the events of the movie, believing that “nighttime is for sleeping, daytime is for getting things done.”

• Casita is very gentle when playing with the younger Madrigals.

• Isabela never gets in trouble.

• Isabela thinks Mirabel and Camilo are too old for toys.

• Abuela and Señora Guzmán have a somewhat tense relationship- described as a “battle of politeness.”

• Mirabel’s palms sweat when she’s worried.

• Luisa loves bright colors.

• Mirabel sneezes around things like sand or dust. Or salt.

• Félix rarely worries about anything.

• Isabela has a pond in her room filled with water lilies.

• Camilo and Pepa are both able to pick up and carry Antonio. Antonio especially likes to ride on Pepa’s shoulders.

• Isabela never wears her shoes on her bed.

• Luisa has panic attacks.

• While Isabela doesn’t love Mariano, she does hope to marry someday.

• Abuela secretly thinks Mirabel is a lot like Pedro was.

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