AC Valhalla Sigrblot Festival 2022 Guide: everything you should know

Cult of the Lamb – Hidden Side Quest | New Follower Form, Holy Talisman, And BRUTAL Sacrifice
Cult of the Lamb – Hidden Side Quest | New Follower Form, Holy Talisman, And BRUTAL Sacrifice

Guide to the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Sigrblot Season Event and an overview of all activities you can participate in during this festival!

The Sigrblot festival is a time-limited event in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. The 2020 edition is now live. It runs from August 4th until August 25th. The event is completely free for all players, who own the base game. It is not related to the expansions.

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What is the Sigrblot Festival in AC Valhalla

The Sigrblot is a Norse holiday, which marks the beginning of the Summer. It is also a time for celebrating and planning as well as making sacrifices to Odin for blessings on the summer travels and raids that the vikings go to.

In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla the Sigrblot festival returns in 2022 from August 4th until August 25th. There is no currently official statement from Ubisoft if this event will return again next year after it ends and when that might be.

Revansthorpe is alive with activity. The long days bring with them the start of raiding season. All successful raids begin with proper planning, practice, and prayer to the gods so they may favor you when the time comes.

With this quote the game introduces you the the Sigrblot Season Festival and in-game event

How to participate in Sigrblot Festival

To be eligible to start the main quest from the Sigrblot event, you need to have completed one of the first two story arcs in England – Grantebridgescire or Ledecestrescire. You will also need to have reached Level 2 with your Settlement Ravensthorpe.

If you meet the criteria, as soon as you update your game to the most recent patch, you will have the starter quest of the Sigrblot Season in-game event appear automatically for you, regardless of where you are currently.

The starter quest is simply called “Sigrblot Festival”. It demands that you return to Revansthorpe. Once you travel there, a cinematic scene will play out introducing you to the event. The locals will welcome you back and ask you to start the event by lighting the ceremonial fire pyre.

While participating (and winning) in the mini-games and events during the Sigrblot Season, you will be earning Festival Tokens, which you can then use to purchase goodies. More on that later in the guide. These are the same Festival Tokens you may remember from previous events, such as the Ostara Festival.

Sigrblot Season Quests Guide

Same as the previous Festivals and events, the main area where the action is is Ravensthorpe. After you do the starter quest, you will receive three more – War Games, The War Effort and Test your Metal.

Same as with previous festivals – you earn the same types and amount of rewards from the event missions regardless of which gameplay difficulty you chose.

War Games

War Games is a mini game of Orlog with an NPC called Alwin. You have to defeat him for this mission as well as an objective part of the main mission for the event called “The War Effort”

The game of Orlog is a game of both strategy and chance, so to win against Alwin you need to first learn how the game works. Consult the Orlog game guide to learn the basics of the game and find out what are some of the best winning strategies you could try.

  Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

This quest is repeatable indefinitely. You can play against Alwin as many times as you wish and each win you earn will grant you Festival Tokens.

The War Effort

In the Festival Grounds, just south from the Arena, there are four wooden pillars. If you interact with them, you will get four sets of objectives, all part of The War Effort mission.

Pillar One

  • Collect animal goods from Hunting
  • Catch a fish
  • Loot Foreign Supplies from a River Raid

These are all activities you have done before. If not, check the links I placed above to learn more about each one of the three activities.

Pillar Two

  • Buy something from Norvid’s shop
  • Defeat Alwin in a game of Orlog

Norvid is the trader that you will visit to get the exslusive Seasonal items. You pay him with Festival Tokens.

For the second piece of this pack of objectives you will need to talk to Alwin, who is nearby. He is at the Orlog table and you have to defeat him at the game or Orlog for the War Games mission as well. Two birds with one hit.

Pillar Three

  • Help Thyra with the sacrifice
  • Help Braun with the pigs
  • Humble Ake

Talking to Thyra will actually create a new mission for you called “Feeding the Wolf”. I have explained all you need to know about this mission in a separate segment further down this guide.

Talking to Ake spawns a separate quest, which is actually a minigame of Flyting. The quest is called “Fight or Flyte” and I have a detailed walkthrough for it below.

And, of course, speaking to Braun will spawn a new separate mission called “Three Big Pigs”. I have an in-depth walkthrough for it below.

Pillar Four

  • Call a Feast at the Longhouse
  • Apply a Tatoo
  • Find the 3 War Letters in the Festival Area

To call a Feast at the Longhouse, hit the bell at the entrance. This is a known and old mechanic that you may have encountered before. I have a more detailed explanation of what it is and how it benefits you in my AC Valhalla Settlement Guide.

To apply a Tatoo, go to the tattoo artist in Ravensthorpe. In case you are new (low level), know that this is a building you have to build first for the tattoo artist to come to Ravensthorpe and start offering their services.

After you complete all of these objectives, return to the offerings boat and you will be done with The War Effort quest.

A short cinematic will play and Sunniva will come to you. She will give you a new quest, called “Final Offering“. I have a walkthrough and tips for it further below, of course.

Where to find the three War Letters for The War Effort Quest

Now, the fun part – where are the three War Letters in the Festival Area?

War Letter I is on a wooden table next to a barrel of ale next to Alwin and his Orlog table.

War Letter II is located right next to the big fire pyre.

War Letter III is between the barrels with ale on the east side of the arena.

Feeding the Wolf

This is a mission you get from Thyra. It is part of The War Effort main festival mission and it is a simple fetch quest.

Talk to Thyra to start it. Then head to the Stables area near the waterfall at the back of the Settlement. Use your raven to find the exact spot if you need to.

There you will find a bunch of letters. Read the marked ones.

Next approach one of the pillars and pick up one of the chests.

  How To Complete The War Effort In AC Valhalla

Bring it back to the pyre. You have to enter inside the pyre and drop it there.

Now, go to the altars of the gods nearby and light up a torch for a god of your choosing (I chose Thor, heh).

Speak to Thyra again. She will thank you for your help. Finally, visit the three marked locations in Ravensthorpe to pick up your rewards – 3x 35 Festival Tokens.

Three Big Pigs

You will get this mission by talking to Braun, who is at the Festival Grounds. He is the guy dressed in brown clothes (to match his name?). He will ask you to go bring back the pigs.

Head to the marked location on your map. The area you need to go to is not far. It’s just north from Braun. When you arrive at the crashed cart area, you will learn that the pigs ran into the forest.

To bring the pigs back to their pens as the objective demands, stand near them and whistle. They will follow you. You need to control all three pigs and bring them safely into the pens where Braun is. I loved the part where Eivor kept complaining how silly this task is.

The pigs are not far from each other, but you will have to whistle quite a few times to gather them and then make them follow you back.

Once you have them safely returned to the pens and ready for their “duties”, talk to Braun to finish the quest. You will get 100 Festival Tokens for your efforts. To complete the quest, you have one final choice to make – decide to which god you want to make the offering (I chose Thor… again).

Fight or Flyte

Talking to Ake at the Festival Grounds will spawn the Fight or Flyte quest for you. To win this mini-game you need to know the rules of Flyting. In short: you have to pay attention to what your opponent is saying and get back at them with the best possible line that rhymes and is also most insulting to them.

Below I have all the right answers for you, if you prefer to take the quick way:

  1. While I fight and bleed. You turn honey to mead!
  2. A calm life is yours to choose. I draw blood you nurse your brews!
  3. You are drunk or insane, with rank rot in your brain.
  4. Doesn’t matter, choose whichever you want and have fun :)))

This quest grants you 40 Festival Tokens for completion.

Final Offering

The Final Offering quest is given to you after you complete The War Effort quest. For it you have to shoot at the boat the vikings have just loaded with all of the offerings and sacrifices you helped gather and prepare.

Talk to Sunniva who is south from the Festival area. A short cinematic will play out in which you will learn that it is your honor to fire up the arrow that will burn the boat.

The boat is just floating slowly and you have a Ballista in front of you to shoot at the bow. Aim and shoot it when the marker turns red.

This will complete the quest for you and you will be notified that Norvid now has additional items in his shop. I have a detailed overview of the shop’s contents and pricing in a separate segment further down in this guide.

As a reward from this quest you will also receive a Settlement Decoration called “Thor’s Brazier and a special quest item called “Thor’s Idol”.

Test your Metal

To start the mission Test Your Metal, speak to Swinda, the new blacksmith. She is next to the entrance of the arena.

The mission Swinda gives you is a simple arena fight simulator. You will have to choose one of three vastly different types of weapons – Dual Daggers, Short Sword and Dual Shields, and you will have to fight various opponents.

  How to complete The War Effort in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

To complete the mission you have to defeat your opponents in three rounds. Each round consists of two or three opponents and they may differ. I think it depends on what weapon you choose, but it may just be random draw who you face.

You will not fight alone. Your loyal Jomsviking will be your partner in the first and second rounds. In the third round you will go alone.

In the first round you and your Jomsviking will face two rather weak opponents.

In the second round you will have to fight two champions and one regular NPC.

In the final round you will fight two high level warriors and you will be alone.

To complete the mission, you need to survive all three rounds without getting defeated. You can heal yourself during combat, which is helpful.

If you fail, you will have to start again from round 1. The good news is that you still get rewarded some Festival Tokens for your efforts.

Winning the three rounds with each of the three available weapons will grant you the three Masteries.

You can repeat this mission indefinitely. Each time you survive all three rounds, you earn Festival Tokens.

What can you get at Festival Shop

Norvid’s shop makes a return for the Sigrblot festival. Here is the initial list of items and prices for each one:

Note: I Updated the list below to reflect on the changes made for the 2022 edition, including the new items, removed old ones and price changes.

25 Opals100
50 Opals180
75 Opals230
Solskin Shield

New for 2022

Blade of the Golden Rays

New for 2022

Hunting Falcon (Bird Skin)130
Skrofnung (1-handed sword)

Was available last year. No longer available.

Not sure if it’s a bug or intended.

Watch Tower Scheme (Settlement Decoration)70
Baldr’s Offering (Settlement Decoration)10
Flame and Steel Tatoo (Head)40
Flame and Steel Tatoo (Torso Front)30
Flame and Steel Tatoo (Arms)30
Flame and Steel Tatoo (Torso Back)30
Sigrblot Hair (Blond)20
Sigrblot Hair (Light Brown)20
Sigrblot Beard20
Sigrblot Hair (Dark Brown)20
Sigrblot Hair (Red)20

Note that I took the image previews from the game, but it seems to me that there might be a bug with the hairs – Ubisoft have misplaced the Light Brown and Red ones.

And, because it is most definitely the main attraction of this vendor, here are the sword and shielf in their full glory:

Solskin Shield

  • Tree: Bear Gear
  • Rarity: Flawless Heavy Shield
  • Perk: Gain additional adrenaline on critical hits
  • Runes: 2 Rune Slots

Blade of the Golden Rays

Tree: Raven Gear
Rarity: Flawless Great Sword
Perk: All hits will deal critical damage after activating an Ability
Runes: 2 Rune Slots

Note: There are four new one-handed swords available in Francia, part of the Siege of Paris DLC. Check out the guide I have for them.

After you complete the “Final Offering” quest, Norvid will have a couple of new cosmetics for you in his shop. Here are the new items:

IconItem Cost
Baldr’s Brazier (Settlement Decoration)20
Freya’s Brazier (Settlement Decoration)20

This concludes my Guide to the Sigrblot Festival in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. Check back with for the new guides and news articles about the game coming next.

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