Breaking Bad Week: Funniest Moments


Tomorrow is it, guys The world will finally know what happens to the shells of humans we know on Breaking Bad. It’s bittersweet. But before tomorrow gets too heavy, we wanted to feature the funniest moments in the series. It’s true that the first season had more funny moments than the rest, but that dark comedy did come all the way through season 5, which was much needed for a show with meth as the main premise. Saul has been our comedic relief since season 2, but our tops feature Walt and Jesse, because they are equally funny people. We dare you to try not to laugh.

7. Walt Throwing the Planter at the Glass Door. Kinda…

In episode 3.04, “Green Light” Walt has just found out about Skyler’s affair with her boss, Ted Beneke. Being the dangerous man he is, Walt decides to take matters into his own hands and show Ted what a man he is. So he marches right into Ted’s building, gets past the receptionist, and then unsuccessfully tries to throw a planter through Ted’s office window, all while Skyler is yelling from the top of the stairs. This is the same man who bravely walked into Tuco’s place of business and declared being the Heisenberg. Now he’s just throwin’ planters. Oh, Walt.

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Breaking Bad Week: Funniest Moments

6. Helicopter, Bitch!

When Jesse tries to get a job in episode 1.05, “Gray Matter”, he quickly realizes that with his lack of experience and education, he makes more as a criminal. He decides to bring his friend Badger to the RV to teach him how to cook the meth he and Mr. White have been making. It quickly becomes obvious that Badger is a better meth user than a meth maker, making Jesse look like Walt. In all of Badger’s shenanigans, he picks Jesse up in the narrow RV, spins him around and yells one of the best “bitch” moments of the series:

5. Jesse Trying to Test out the Plastic Tubs.

In episode 1.02, “Cat’s in the Bag…” Jesse and Walt must deal with disposing of the body of Emilio after killing him in the pilot episode. Per the coin flip, between murdering Krazy-8 or disposing of Emilio, Jesse wins. He chooses to dispose of Emilio. Walt instructs Jesse to go get special plastic tubs to be able to pour hydroflouric acid over his body in order to decompose it. Feeling sick yet? Well thats ok, because when Jesse goes to get the plastic tubs, he decides to test them out in the store. And makes a fool of himself. It’s hard not to laugh at his logic at the hardware store despite the dark content.

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4. Awkward Family Dinner with a Guest.

In 5.06, “Buyout”, Jesse comes over to Walt’s home to discuss selling their methylamine after the murder of Drew Sharp. When Skyler arrives home early, she insists Jesse stay for dinner. Skyler is upset with Walt as usual, and makes the dinner with Jesse as uncomfortable as possible for Walt, but in turn it becomes even more uncomfortable for Jesse. His coping method to get through the dinner is to really enjoy his glass of water. I mean really enjoy it.

3. Oooooh, Wire!

In 2.09, “4 Days Out”, Jesse and Walt go on a long trip to cook the most meth they could at that point in time. After Jesse leaves the keys in the ignition of the RV, the battery is dead. In Walt’s attempt to teach Jesse a chemistry lesson, he shows Jesse how to build a battery out of the materials they have. The moment proves that Jesse didn’t always think logically.

Walt: “And now, what shall we use to conduct this beautiful current with, hm? What one particular element comes to mind, hm?”

Walt: … Copper.

2. Wipe Down This!

In the Pilot episode, we meet Walt who works full-time as a teacher and part-time as a cashier at a car wash. He is a man who is typical, middle-aged man. He doesn’t make a lot of money and is trying to support his pregnant wife and disabled teenage son. When he gets his cancer diagnosis, he is even more down on his luck. So it’s easy to imagine, that he would be easily angered. When his boss at the car wash asks Walt to wipe down the cars, Walt has the best resignation speech in history:

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1. Is That a Pizza on Your Roof?

In 3.02, “Caballo Sin Nobre”, Walt has long been kicked out and she has known he’s a drug manufacturer. Her actions cause a rift between she and Jr. Jr. packs his bags and goes to Walt’s new condo. Walt then brings Jr. back to the house with a forgiveness pizza so they can have a family dinner. After Skyler denies Walt from entering the house, he leaves the porch with the box of pizza in his hand. In a fit of rage, the greatest meth maker in all of Albuquerque shows her who is boss by doing this:

What a badass, Walter.

Stay tuned for tomorrow! Not only will we be posting our Series Defining Moments. And as you well know, tomorrow is the premiere of “Felina,” the last episode of the series. We will post our thoughts on it as soon as possible! Thanks for reading!

written by Adrian Puryear

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