‘Cheer’ – Latest News and Updates

How Pewdiepie treats Brad vs Sive
How Pewdiepie treats Brad vs Sive


‘Cheer’ – Latest News and Updates

The sports docu-series Cheer follows the cheerleading team at Navarro College led by coach Monica Aldama.

The show followed the team as they prepared for the National Cheerleading Championship, focusing specifically on Gabi Butler, Jerry Harris, and Morgan Simianer.

In 2020, Jerry Harris was arrested and charged with child pornography. Team member La’Darius Marshall left Navarro in 2021, calling the cheering culture “toxic” and accused Coach Monica of physical and mental abuse.

Network: Netflix

First Episode Date:


  • Coach Monica Aldama
  • Lexi Brumback
  • Gabi Butler
  • La’Darius Marshall
  • Morgan Simianer
  • Maddy Brum
  • Cassadee Dunlap
  • Gillian Rupert

Where to Watch: Netflix

Latest Cheer News and Updates

  • Reality TV
    ‘Cheer’s’ La’Darius Marshall Has Something to Say About the Hazing at Navarro

    In a series of confusing TikToks, former Navarro cheerleader La’Darius Marshall responded to incidents of hazing at the school. Here’s what we know.

  • Reality TV
    ‘Cheer’ Star Jerry Harris Receives a Lengthy Prison Sentence for Sex Crimes Involving Children

    Where is ‘Cheer’ star Jerry Harris is now? After being accused of sex crimes involving children, he received his official sentence on July 6, 2022.

  • Television
    ‘Cheer’ Star Monica Aldama Has a New Assistant Coach by Her Side — Who Is Dustin Velazquez?

    The Navarro Bulldogs from the Netflix original docuseries ‘Cheer’ have gotten a new assistant coach. Here’s what we know about Dustin Velazquez.

  • Reality TV
    Please Do Not Try the Watermelon Cleanse From ‘Cheer’

    Audiences were baffled to hear about cheerleading star Gabi Butler’s watermelon cleanse. What is the diet and is it safe? Details inside.

  • Reality TV
    We’ve Been Hearing “CCFC” All Over Season 2 of ‘Cheer’ — We Must Know Its Secret!

    Why do we keep hearing the letters CCFC on Season 2 of ‘Cheer’? It’s everywhere. We must know its secret. What does CCFC mean in ‘Cheer’?

  • Reality TV
    Former ‘Cheer’ Star Lexi Brumback Left Navarro for Reasons out of Her Control

    Why did Lexi Brumback from ‘Cheer’ leave Navarro? The all-star, who is considered a fan-favorite, won’t be hitting the mat this season, and fans believe they know why.

  • Reality TV
    Why Did La’Darius Leave Navarro in ‘Cheer’? His Feud With the Coaching Staff Explained

    In Season 2 of Netflix’s ‘Cheer,’ La’Darius Marshall appears to be feuding with the Navarro Cheer coaching staff. Why did he leave Navarro? Here’s the scoop.

  • Reality TV
    Ahead of ‘Cheer’ Season 2, Choreographer Brad Vaughan Split With Navarro

    In Season 2, Episode 2 of Netflix’s ‘Cheer,’ viewers briefly learn about Brad Vaughan’s departure from Navarro. So, why did Brad leave the squad?

  • Reality TV
    Assistant Coach Andy Is Absent From ‘Cheer’ Season 2, but Where Did He Go?

    ‘Cheer’ is back for a second season, but many are wondering where Navarro Cheer’s one-time assistant coach Andy is in the new season.

  • Entertainment
    Grab Some Hairspray, Glitter, and a Shiny White Smile — ‘Cheer’ Season 2 Is Here!

    Not to be too aggressive, too too aggressive, but we missed ‘Cheer’ so much! Season 2 is here, so let’s meet the new cheerleaders!

  • Reality TV
    Will the Navarro Junior College Squad Return for ‘Cheer’ Season 3?

    More than two years after Season 1 became an immediate hit on Netflix, ‘Cheer’ has officially returned. Will the series be renewed for Season 3?

  • Reality TV
    Angel Rice Is a Guinness World Record Holding Power Tumbler and the Breakout Star of ‘Cheer’

    Angel Rice is not your average cheerleader. Hailed as the Queen of Tumbling, the star of Season 2 of ‘Cheer’ is here to show fans how it’s done.

  • Reality TV
    “Tastes Like Chicken!” The Navarro College Cheer Team Is Back for Season 2 of ‘Cheer’

    Did the Navarro College Cheer team win in 2021? Netflix’s ‘Cheer’ is back for Season 2. Will it capture the star-studded team’s latest victory?

  • Entertainment
    ‘Cheer’s Gabi Butler on Dealing With Pressure and How Navarro “Came Together” in Difficult 2020 (EXCLUSIVE)

    Netflix’s ‘Cheer’ star Gabi Butler spoke exclusively with ‘Distractify’ about dealing with pressure and how Navarro “came together” last season.

  • Entertainment
    Things Just Keep Getting Worse for Jailed ‘Cheer’ Star Jerry Harris

    What did Jerry Harris do? Netflix’s ‘Cheer’ star was arrested on child pornography charges. Prosecutors say Harris is a “danger to any child.”

  • Entertainment
    Train Like Gabi Butler — ‘Cheer’ Star Talks New Skills, Season 2 & More (EXCLUSIVE)

    Netflix’s ‘Cheer’ star Gabi Butler spoke exclusively with Distractify about what motivates her, new cheerleading skills, Season 2, and more!

  • Entertainment
    These ‘Cheer’ Athletes Will Compete in Daytona (if They Make Mat) in 2021!

    Who is returning to the Navarro cheer team in 2020? Head coach Monica Aldama of Netflix’s ‘Cheer’ confirms two stars will be back.

  • Entertainment
    Jerry Harris Tells Us About the Unbreakable Friendships We Saw on ‘Cheer’ (EXCLUSIVE)

    ‘Cheer’ breakout star Jerry Harris tells us about his unbreakable friendships with his former Navarro College teammates in this exclusive interview.

  • Entertainment
    Seriously, What Does FIOFMU Stand for in the New Netflix Docuseries ‘Cheer’?

    What does FIOFMU stand for in Netflix’s new ‘Cheer’? Fans are stumped as to what the super secretive Navarro collegiate cheerleading code means.

  • Entertainment
    You May Have Already Binged ‘Cheer,’ but You Can Still Navarro College’s Stunts on TikTok

    The Navarro College cheerleading team members (which you may recognize from Netflix’s ‘Cheer’) have TikTok accounts, so make sure to follow them ASAP.

  • Entertainment
    Who Is Gabi Butler on Netflix’s ‘Cheer’? Get to Know the Cheerleader Extraordinaire

    Gabi Butler is a cheerleader who stars on Netflix’s new docuseries ‘Cheer,’ but who is she, and where did she come from? Here’s what you need to know.

  • Entertainment
    Meet Monica, the Coaching Legend on Netflix’s New Docuseries ‘Cheer’

    Coach Monica Aldama from Netflix’s ‘Cheer’ is a force to be reckoned with — here’s what we know about her personal life and professional achievements.

  Ahead of 'Cheer' Season 2, Choreographer Brad Vaughan Split With Navarro

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