Christopher Reeve

Christopher Reeve – Biography – 2004
Christopher Reeve – Biography – 2004

Christopher Reeve

Christopher Reeve

Highest Rated: 96% The Remains of the Day (1993)

Lowest Rated: Not Available

Birthday: Sep 25, 1952

Birthplace: New York, New York, USA

For a world filled with comic book fans, Christopher Reeve had for years been the definitive Superman. For thousands suffering with paralysis and spinal cord injuries, in one tragic moment, he morphed suddenly from an actor perfectly cast onscreen, to a real-life personal inspiration and a champion of medical research and healthcare reform. Standing six-foot-four and sporting a jaw as square as his illustrated predecessor, the then-unknown Reeve became an overnight success when he was cast in “Superman: The Movie” (1978) – most notable for his evenhanded portrait of both the character’s sensitive vulnerability and commanding power in the face of injustice – all the while, wearing tights and a cape. Despite playing such an iconic role, he resisted typecasting in the wake of the film series’ success, sticking close to his original love of live theater when Hollywood failed to deliver worthy scripts. When he did appear onscreen, he held out for parts in such films as the Academy Award-winning period classic “The Remains of the Day” (1993), the Sidney Lumet thriller “Deathtrap” (1982) and, in his most beloved non-Superman role, the romantic period piece, “Somewhere in Time” (1980). But all the Hollywood razzle-dazzle evaporated in a single instance, when in 1995, the world learned that the man who had epitomized “superhero,” was rendered completely paralyzed by an equestrian accident. Although Reeve never regained physical movement and would ultimately lose his life to his handicap, his efforts as a tireless advocate for medical research into spinal cord injuries and his brave battle to regain a quality of life for himself and his family, proved more heroic than any character he could ever have portrayed onscreen.

Highest rated movies

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Superman: The Movie poster
Superman II poster
Deathtrap poster
Street Smart poster
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No Score Yet83%Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut Clark Kent/2006
42%44%Everyone’s Hero Director,

Executive Producer

No Score Yet75%The Brooke Ellison StoryDirector2004
42%26%Rear Window Jason Kemp (Character),

Executive Producer

No Score Yet74%In the GloamingDirector1997
No Score YetNo Score YetA Step Toward TomorrowDenny Gabriel (Character)1996
No Score Yet58%Black Fox: Good Men and BadAlan Johnson (Character)1995
No Score Yet50%Black Fox: The Price of PeaceAlan Johnson (Character)1995
No Score Yet67%Black FoxAlan Johnson (Character)1995
30%27%Village of the DamnedDr. Alan Chaffee (Character)$8.6M1995
60%40%Above SuspicionDempsey Cain (Character)1995
10%33%SpeechlessBob “Bagdad” Freed (Character)$19.6M1994
96%89%The Remains of the DayLewis (Character)$23.0M1993
No Score Yet57%Morning GloryWill Parker (Character)$21.6K1993
No Score Yet26%The Sea WolfHumphrey Van Weyden (Character)1993
61%84%Noises Off Frederick Dallas/$2.2M1992
No Score Yet40%Mortal SinsFather Thomas Cusack (Character)1992
No Score YetNo Score YetNightmare in the DaylightSean (Character)1992
No Score YetNo Score YetTrump: What’s the Deal?Unknown (Character)1991
No Score YetNo Score YetBump in the NightLawrence Muller (Character)1991
No Score Yet20%Death DreamsGeorge Westfield (Character)1991
No Score YetNo Score YetThe Rose and the JackalAllan Pinkerton (Character)1990
57%32%Switching ChannelsBlaine Bingham (Character)$8.2M1988
No Score Yet50%The Great Escape II: The Untold StoryMaj. John Dodge (Character)1988
10%16%Superman IV: The Quest for Peace Clark Kent/


67%45%Street SmartJonathan Fisher (Character)$711.0K1987
No Score Yet74%Anna KareninaCount Vronsky (Character)1985
20%43%The AviatorEdgar Anscombe (Character)1985
87%37%The BostoniansBasil Ransome (Character)1984
30%23%Superman III Clark Kent/1983
0%19%MonsignorFather John Flaherty (Character)1982
72%70%DeathtrapClifford Anderson (Character)1982
52%88%Somewhere in TimeRichard Collier (Character)1980
83%76%Superman II Clark Kent/1980
63%37%Gray Lady DownPhillips (Character)1978
93%86%Superman: The Movie Clark Kent/1978
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No Score Yet96%Sesame Street Unknown (Guest Star),


2000 2002 2004
78%68%SmallvilleDr. Virgil Swann (Guest Star)2003-2004
No Score YetNo Score YetThe PracticeUnknown (Guest Star)2003
No Score YetNo Score YetInside the Actors StudioGuest1997
95%93%FrasierLeonard (Guest Voice)1993
82%98%Tales From the CryptUnknown (Character)1992
No Score YetNo Score YetHBO Storybook MusicalsUnknown (Voice)1990
No Score Yet48%Saturday Night LiveHost1985

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