Cobra Kai UK age rating on Netflix and parents guide

Daniel and Amanda go to PTA meeting|Cobra Kai 3X1|
Daniel and Amanda go to PTA meeting|Cobra Kai 3X1|

There are some classic movies that are simply perfect for a family night in. Snacks, drinks, and pure relaxation on the sofa.

We’re sure that many households would consider The Karate Kid ideal viewing for these occasions.

The 1984 movie is arguably one of the most iconic of that decade and it earned a small handful of sequels. However, a series sequel breathed new life into the property when it premiered on YouTube Red in 2018.

Created by Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz, and Hayden Schlossberg, Cobra Kai later moved to Netflix and has achieved overwhelming popularity.

If you have young ones at home begging to see it, however, it helps to know the UK age rating…


Cobra Kai UK age rating

Cobra Kai has a 15 age classification in the UK.

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It’s aimed at teenage audiences and above. Common Sense Media includes that parents generally agree that the show deserves a 15+ rating whereas kids say it should be 13+.

Offering a parents guide, the series contains bad language and curse words scattered throughout all seasons and there is violence too. As you may know, much of the plot revolves around fighting and rivalry between different karate dojos.

Bullying is portrayed rather frequently and younger viewers may find the conflicts between characters somewhat intense and distressing.

Additionally, there are sex references and some bad behaviour is depicted, such as drinking alcohol while driving etc.

On the whole, The Karate Kid is widely considered family-friendly whereas Cobra Kai is more mature and addresses some darker themes and plot points.


Cobra Kai: Season 5 | Official Trailer | Netflix

How many seasons are there?

Cobra Kai is made up of five seasons in total.

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The fifth premiered on Netflix on Friday, September 9th 2022. Episodes are generally around half-hour in length.

As for the future, Netflix is yet to announce whether it’s been renewed for a sixth season.

Games Radar reports that co-creator Hayden addressed the situation, although he says there’s nothing official yet. “We have lots of ideas,” he explains. “There’s time and places to make official things, we’re not at that place right now.”

‘There’s no intentions of it being done’

William Zabka (who plays Johnny) recently sat down with Screenrant and shared his positive outlook on what’s to come:

“… we’re not done, and there’s no intentions of it being done. Clearly, we have a lot of real estate left to explore and more story to tell. But we don’t want to overstay our welcome. It’s going to be the right time for where it closes out.”

He added: “It’s gonna be honest, as long as we’re telling the truth and the fans are responding and people are being entertained, I think we’ll keep marching.”

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Cobra Kai is streaming exclusively on Netflix.

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