Dive into anything

The Meaning Of Top G
The Meaning Of Top G

Giving a new meaning to Poo-nique…

Dive into anything

She’s going to cringe so hard when this pops up in her Facebook memories years from now after she’s left the cult

I dunno guys, I really think that picture of a tiny little toilet belongs in every office email

how long does this hun take to use the restroom? she’s making it sound like she’s in there for ages.

Yeah. It kind of contradicts the whole “more family time” idea if you spend the entire day in the can hiding from your family, supposedly building your “biz empire.”

Not to mention the chances of developing hemorrhoids just grows the longer you’re sitting there…

I get paid while taking a dump at work. 🤷 My friend and I used to call a morning shit at work “clock in; log out.”

Boss makes a dollar, I make a dime. That’s why I shit on company time.

One of the huns in my town says “literally” numerous times in her lives. Like literally every other sentence or more.

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I literally can’t believe how drunk I’d be if I literally did that. Like, OMG 😩🍸🍸🍹🍹🍾🍾🤢

And how many times people say “sooooo” these days. Omg that’s soooo pretty. It’s soooo cute. It took soooo long. I am soooo excited. Bleh

I have my own business which I run along side my main day job, and never in the time I’ve had it have I ever referred to it as my BIZ!! It’s a legitimate business. Unlike this “out of a cracker” thing they have goin’ on!
I also haven’t ever called myself a Bossbabe!
Bathroom time is for reading Reddit, or playing Yahtzee (the app not the board game!) and not trying to sell shonky ass MLM crap

In a few months when she makes no money and quits she will use “Oh, it took up too much of my time and I want to spend it with my family” as an excuse why she decided to quit.

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