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Chances Characters Will Join The Strawhats
Chances Characters Will Join The Strawhats

It’s been exactly 10 years, since Brook officialy joined Straw Hat Pirates. He is the newest official crew member till today.

Dive into anything
Dive into anything

For the comparison, the period between Franky joining the crew and Brook, was only 15 months.

It’s been a pretty long time without any new crew member ( well you could “argue” about Jimbe since he said he joins them ). I hope to see more people becoming nakama.

Really crazy to think that the series has literally doubled in length since then.

While it’s not 100% official, it’s pretty clear another member has already joined.

He is, but I still think there should be a chapter were he’s officially welcomed to the crew. Maybe once the current arc is over.

Literally everyone’s original design was much better than post time skip. They looked real characters, grounded. Now they are more like merchandise sales figures. Everyone is stylized to the max…


This means I’ve been up to date with the manga for over 10 years, or 1/3 of my life. That’s actually kinda amazing.

My fear is that I’m going to die before the end of the series, my neighbor used to watch One Piece, and never lived past Water 7.

More girl crew members would be nice. Carrot potentially since she’s pretty powerful.

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