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What happens if you enter Afton’s office? – Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach
What happens if you enter Afton’s office? – Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach

Theory: Security Breach takes place before FFPS

Dive into anything
Dive into anything

Dude, 1. no, this doesn’t seem like a logical chronological order…at all. Literally the burntrap suit looking more similar to springtrap is literally the only thing that could suggest this, and that alone isn’t enough to make up for all the other problems with it. The suits legs are not the same, yeah Burntrap has a springtrap foot, but he also has a scraptrap foot. Also William after surviving the fnaf 3 fire is now on the loose, and then with out explanation is Glitchtrap…where did fazbear entertainment get circuit boards with him on it, certainly not from springtrap, also you mean to tell me William is glitchtrap and off somewhere as springtrap at the same time, and then somehow after making his way to security breach location gets burned and pulled away by the blob…only to become scraptrap….without explanation, also why would burntrap be in a recharge station if this is him after the fnaf 3 fire, he would have no reason to need that, also burntrap is clearly more damaged than springtrap was after fnaf 3, that’s because this isn’t after fnaf 3, it’s after FFPS.

  Five Nights At Freddy's: Security Breach launches this year

Is is more satisfying from a story perspective for FFPS to be the end, yeah, that doesn’t mean it has to be, sometimes writers make decisions we don’t like.

You just answered why the FFPS location was underground, it fell into a sinkhole, the location isn’t burned because Henry likely just burned the underground labyrinth, not the pizzeria on the surface. Also the fact that there is an underground labyrinth where fire can be manually shot from the floor right underneath the pizzeria should make it abundantly clear it’s the fnaf 6 location.

Also you mean to tell me Ennard went from something small, to something huge like the blob, then back to something small with molten Freddy. Then steals all those suits and then…ditches them, where did he get all those extra wires from and why did he suddenly lose them again, it doesn’t make sense, also the only unfreed souls at that point were the OG missing children, who were already in the funtimes, there was no one for them to absorb other than the puppet, and there is nothing to suggest they did that, also you mean to tell me the puppet was on the loose was absorbed into the blob burned in SB, somehow got out of it, then was on the loose again and was captured by lefty and then burned again….that is ridiculously convoluted, also the puppet is only a mask in the blob, not a whole animatronic anymore and it’s missing it’s tear marks meaning Charlie is no longer it, so it can’t go from the blob back to the puppet again.

  Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach delayed; have a side-scrolling brawler instead

Sorry, but SB makes far more sense to be after FFPS.

I’ve read the whole thing and I’m wondering how are the og missing children’s souls in the Funtime animatronics. Their souls got freed in FNAF 3’s good ending. The only reason the Funtime animatronics seem “alive” is because they are infused with remnant and you would only understand what that is if you read the epilogue at the end of each Fazbear frights book. But of course nobody reads the books :/

The FFPS pizzeria is literally underneath the Pizaa Plex and all the robots (including Puppet) have been burned. The main pizzeria area isn’t damaged by fire because the fire was in the maze. This is also not the same Fazbear Entertainment that shut down in FNaF 6. That was Fazbear Entertainment INC. This is Fazbear Entertaining LLC

Oh right, I got confused and thought it was the same company. And the maze alone being set on fire also makes sense, so I guess it must be FFPS. Ah well, I was personally hoping Security Breach would fill in the gaps in the current storyline, but what we got is still cool.

  New Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach gameplay revealed

My brain hursts so much. The timeline was PERFECT before security breach was released. No but seriously where does security breach fit in. We know FNAF 4 is at the start and UCN is at the end since afton is being tortured by Cassidy and Evan. I think sercurity breach takes place after fnaf 3 but definitely before UCN. It couldn’t have happening during the purple guy era. Only after he got springlocked to “death”. Anyways I’m just going to leave this theory to matpat to figure out or I’m gonna explode. Byeee

“The timeline was PERFECT before security breach was released”

  1. No not at all

  2. Security breach it at the end. Literally the last 5 fnaf games have been in chronological order. What are you even on about

It cant take place between fnaf 3 and ffps because fnaf 3 and ffps take place like a few months apart

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