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Kyle Rittenhouse will be sued by the father of one of his victim

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There are a lot of gun-friendly and self-defense friendly states that don’t allow civil suits if you’re found innocent for the criminal charge. Edit: you should get CCW insurance regardless though. CCW safe is what I have

That works in both directions too.

Since Rittenhouse will most certainly counter-sue for mental anguish.

This is not what the article said. I know everyone like to just repost and act like they’re smart. But according to the article I read about the situation, rittenhouse has only just been added as a co-defendant of a civil case primarily targeting negligence by the city and city officials. The suit has been filed since 2021?, and rittenhouse was only added on recently and the most recent ruling by the judge was only to rule there is enough merit for the case to go to trial.

We in this sub have to be better about reactionary titles/politics and get all of the facts before talking about them.

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Yeah, but there’s a principle called res judicata. If an issue, like justification by self-defense, has been actually litigated and necessarily determined by a previous court, it can have a binding effect in subsequent cases.

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yeah, queue up the leftist redditors who think they live in East Berlin and crossing state lines is some kind of crime.

edit …and they’re here ⬇

I got into an argument with a guy saying Kyle shouldn’t of even been there and said the protest wasn’t even bad…. Damaging buildings and setting fires is not peaceful. I’m not giving up my guns. These people think that attacking someone( let’s be real they’re ok with republicans being attacked) is completely ok you just can’t defend yourself.

WPT sure is adamant on defending the likes of pedos and woman beaters. I wonder why…

I went there for those comments too. Those ppl are delusional. Time to make them look stoooopid in court again.

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Yes, when the incident first happened, I was absolutely appalled at the “narrative” that people were subscribing to, simply because everything was racially charged (George Floyd). White male smuggles gun thousands of miles, kills multiple black people peacefully protesting with illegally acquired assault machine gun war machine.

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Agreed, I barely recovered from the last batch of cancer those comments gave me

Didn’t take much to get banned. Like literally, just pointing to rational thought gets you banned. I’m not like most trolls that say this. It was legitimate non controversial shit that got me banned.

Oddly enough there are a bunch of reasonable comments that have been getting upvotes.

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Correction: Kyle Rittenhouse will be sued by the father of one of his assailants

“Kyle Rittenhouse will be sued by the father of one of his victim assailants”


This is an important distinction. There are still thousands of people out there who believe the narrative that Kyle is a murderer despite this being self defense, and despite his acquittal. Using the language that the deceased are victims plays into the narrative, but THEY were the victimizers—Kyle was the victim who successfully defended himself.

  Kyle Rittenhouse

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