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Cotton Bowl: Tulane Green Wave vs. USC Trojans | Full Game Highlights
Cotton Bowl: Tulane Green Wave vs. USC Trojans | Full Game Highlights

This all but confirms CW is bolting to join TBOW

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Dive into anything

I honestly don’t know what Lincoln promised, but it better have been copious amounts of hookers and blow for him to join that cluster of a mess that program will be the next couple of years.

If Caleb honestly didn’t see the progression he made in the short month between the OSU game and the Alamo Bowl as compared to the regular season’s progression, I don’t know what to say. Good luck to him and I hope he finds success out there.

I honestly don’t hope he finds success. I know that’s unpopular to say, but we recruit against USC so in no way do I want any facet of that program to do well.

Progression isn’t the right description, it was a game plan that committed to running the ball and that always has a positive impact but in this case it also kept Oregon from putting 8 guys in coverage. OU showed they were willing to successfully run every snap until Oregon put more guys in to stop the run, then it was easy 1 on 1 matchups for Caleb. I wouldn’t call that growth on his part so much as better play calling. That would still be a reason for him to stay but I’m assuming he doesn’t like the Libby offense. I’m guessing it has a lot to do with QB injuries but I’m not sure.

  New USC Football Coach Lincoln Riley Drops $17.2 Million on Glam Palos Verdes Estate

I hope Lebby has contacted Dart.

I’d rather have Dart than Chubba Purdy. Or even having Dart and Chubba Purdy would be a better combo than Gabriel and Purdy.

At least Caleb did it half-ass the right way by staying through the bowl game.. Riley on the other hand has ventured into new territory poaching recruits and players from the Oklahoma program.. absolutely zero integrity for that man.

In retrospect with him leaving, I’d rather he’d have left before the bowl game.

We just helped develop USC’s future QB1, when the time would have been better used even for one of our walk-on backups. Win or lose, the game was mostly about developing our young talent. Plus it would have given the staff more time to evaluate transfer options at both QB and WR.

I mean, I am not mad that he played in the Alamo bowl, but for the long run of the program it would have been better to just have him move on rather than waste training and snaps on him and Mario Williams.

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Why you’d follow a coach that just ruined the career of a post season Heisman favorite is beyond me. Caleb will be so much more prepared for the NFL by sticking it out with lebby and playing in huge games at OU. But whatever, Gabriel and Evers are dogs as well

It’s evidently all about the money, same reason Riley left the way he did, they dangled a treasure trove in front of him. Definitely not an upgrade at the conference level, the Pac-12 pretty much just sucks, as their 0 for 5 bowl record this year makes clear. No telling how much money they dangled in front of Caleb, not to mention starlets.

If CW was just going to end up following Riley to USC this whole time, I wish he would have just done it when Riley left instead of stringing us all along on the possibility that he might stay.

I know it’s not a done deal yet but the writing appears to be on the wall.

Noooo. Im glad he stayed for the bowl game. I couldnt have taken it if poor Rucker had to step up behind that.

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But i still hope USC implodes.

Lol bye Felicia …

we good over here homie you need to learn not to let your dad run your life kid you’re a grown man now but it is what it is.

No shit. Dude could have been an absolute legend here. Didn’t Rattlers dad say this would happen? I wonder how much williams knew. I wonder if he knew what was going down all the way back in September.

There’s a photo of him in usc gear floating around today, announcement coming soon I’m sure

According to latimes.com: “Williams was in Los Angeles on Sunday, attending both a Rams game and a Lakers game courtesy of USC. The next day, Dart was in the transfer portal.”

Read into it what you will, but seems pretty clear-cut to me…

Edit: Sorry, but it appears I was late to the party. Somehow this post showed on my front page over the more recent one showing him filming his commitment vid in USC gear. Oh well…

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