Dive into anything

Earth, Wind \u0026 Fire – September (Official HD Video)
Earth, Wind \u0026 Fire – September (Official HD Video)

Only 26 more days until September 19th!!

Dive into anything

Gotta run and mount your gun quick if you want to rip people off a headglitch. With the ads time being slow it’s going to be hard to kill someone who is already posted up waiting.

I like the feel of the game, just hope headglitching isn’t that bad in 5v5 modes.

Not missing much mate, best play to make in this alpha is sit in spawn and watch the onlt 2 crosses on the map lol, its pretty wack

It seems like it’s a very tactical mode for sure. And of course I’m sure a lot will change with the gameplay between now and release

tbh I prolly will get a lot of hate for this but the alpha isnt that good. its headglitching 24/7 and the hit reg/ latency is the worst Ive ever seen.

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Right, cause it’s a alpha. It’s not just a alpha either, it’s a alpha of a specific game mode in the game. I wouldn’t be too worried about the way the game plays currently. Now when the beta comes out and it still the exact way like it is now, I’ll be a little worried

To each their own but hit reg has been light years better for me on this game than the last two and I love the guys who headglitch in spawn. You can rip them out of it easily with HS multiX

this is literally a sample size of the actual game there isnt any attachments or perks so you cant judge the game too much

It’s pretty bullshit you guys can’t play while we are, but money talks. Regardless, I’m surprised I’m enjoying it as much as I am. I really did not like bo4, so much so I really thought that was my last cod, though it still may be as I’m in college.

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I can’t quite point my finger on it, but something about the networking in this game just feels off.

The insane head glitching is a result of that I think. I also play on PS4 pro and sometimes it doesn’t run at 60fps (not just in the Pine map).

Some thing just feels off. I don’t know how to explain it. Hopefully Beta will be better.

Just stopping in to add my opinion of the Alpha: I don’t like it. Really hope the beta is better because it feels terrible right now, in my opinion.

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