‘Flipping Boston’ stars show off newly renovated South End home

Flipping Boston: Screw Up (Season 3, Episode 8) | A\u0026E
Flipping Boston: Screw Up (Season 3, Episode 8) | A\u0026E

‘Flipping Boston’ stars show off newly renovated South End home

The stars of A&E’s “Flipping Boston’’ are selling a newly renovated South End home for $2.79 million.

‘Flipping Boston’ stars show off newly renovated South End home

Six months of heavy toil and one record-breaking winter later, the stars of A&E’s television show “Flipping Boston“ (and real-life real estate partners) Dave Seymour and Peter Souhleris are finally ready to sell a renovated historic triplex in the South End.

“You only find this type of detail in New York City,’’ Seymour said, taking Boston.com for a behind-the-scenes tour of the home. He and Souhleris own Andover-based property buying and selling company CityLight Homes and have been on A&E for four seasons. He pointed to gorgeous plaster molding that looked like grapes in the third-floor master bedroom, refurbished by Boston Ornament Company. “This home will probably be under contract within 21 days.’’

The 19th-century home, bought for just over $1 million, was a bit of a fixer-upper in terms of layout (and a ridiculously narrow staircase they widened), Seymour said, but he’s confident Unit 1 at 561 Massachusetts Avenue will be a quick sell. The brownstone has only been on the market for 11 days, but Seymour said it’s received a lot of buzz. It’s listed for $2.79 million.

“It’s all about the numbers,’’ Seymour said, explaining how the home flipping duo selects projects. Seymour leaned on gleaming 2-inch-thick Carrara marble countertops in the home’s kitchen. “We work off a 20 percent profit margin.’’

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This home wasn’t a hard choice, as Seymour pointed out the many original details – stained glass windows, plaster molding, and original carpentry and shutters – that the pair was able to save.

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A peek inside the home (before & after):

Before & After pictures of South End home

The home is 3,600 square feet. Courtesy of CityLight Homes

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There are 3.5 baths. Courtesy of CityLight Homes

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The winter really pushed back construction, u201cFlipping Bostonu2019u2019 star Dave Seymour said. Courtesy of CityLight Homes

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Many of the homeu2019s fireplaces and windows are original. Courtesy of CityLight Homes

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The layout of the home had to be re-worked so that the kitchen wasnu2019t in the basement, Seymour said. Courtesy of CityLight Homes

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The original stairs were too narrow and had to be widened. Courtesy of CityLight Homes

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The home renovation took about six months. Courtesy of CityLight Homes

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The home is currently listed for $2.79 million. Courtesy of CityLight Homes

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The home is close to Copley Square and Newbury Street. Courtesy of CityLight Homes

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Much of the homeu2019s original crown molding was saved. Courtesy of CityLight Homes

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The home has three bedrooms. Courtesy of CityLight Homes

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The master suite on the third floor has a sitting area. Courtesy of CityLight Homes

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The decor was chosen by Seymouru2019s real estate partner Peter Souhleris and his wife, Desi. Courtesy of CityLight Homes

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The home features a wine cellar. Courtesy of CityLight Homes

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The home still has the original parquet doors. Courtesy of CityLight Homes

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Seymour described the layout as flowing and very open. Courtesy of CityLight Homes

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The lighting is from Lucia Lighting & Design. Courtesy of CityLight Homes

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The home also has a central security system and a surround sound system. Courtesy of CityLight Homes

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The kitchen has a Wolf stove and Carrara marble counters. Courtesy of CityLight Homes

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The ceilings are 14 feet high. Courtesy of CityLight Homes

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The color scheme is earthy and neutral, Seymour said. Courtesy of CityLight Homes

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The decor Seymour described as u2018shabby chic.u2019 Courtesy of CityLight Homes

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The bathrooms have heated floors. Courtesy of CityLight Homes

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The home is expected to sell in the next month or so. Courtesy of CityLight Homes

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The three-bedroom, three-and-a-half bathroom property is close to Newbury Street, Copley Square, and numerous South End restaurants, but if the location doesn’t impress, the home’s many amenities should. Souhleris and his wife Desi Souhleris designed all aspects of the abode, which features a gourmet chef’s kitchen with a Wolf steam oven, Sub-Zero refrigerator, and 14-foot ceilings. Other attractions include a wine cellar, five fireplaces, solid walnut doors, and a Wink home-automation system that allows owners to control temperature and lighting from their smartphones.

“The look Desi describes as ‘shabby chic,’’’ Seymour said, pointing out the neutrally painted walls in shades of gray and beige. There’s nothing shabby about it. “It allows potential owners to imagine themselves occupying the space,’’ he added.

What’s Seymour most excited about?

“It comes with parking!’’ he exclaimed. It’s just one spot, but he expects it could be the deciding factor for potential buyers.

Seymour doesn’t know whether the home will be featured on “Flipping Boston’’ yet, but there is one thing he’s sure of: “I wish I could keep it.’’

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