‘Ginny & Georgia’ Season 2 release date, first look photos, trailer and exclusive clip are here

Ginny’s first therapy session for talking about her self harm tendencies GINNY \u0026 GEORGIA S2 E2
Ginny’s first therapy session for talking about her self harm tendencies GINNY \u0026 GEORGIA S2 E2

‘Ginny & Georgia’ Season 2 release date, first look photos, trailer and exclusive clip are here

Things Are Far From Peachy in ‘Ginny & Georgia’ Season 2 Trailer

Georgia’s “pissed for better or worse” at Ginny’s abandonment when we head back to Wellsbury.

They’re back, peaches! But everything’s far from peachy…

On Jan. 5, our favorite mother/daughter duo return for Season 2 of Ginny & Georgia — but the gals aren’t exactly on speaking terms.

When we catch up with Ginny (Antonia Gentry) and Georgia (Brianne Howey), only a couple of weeks have passed since that explosive, Where is Ginny going?! Season 1 finale. “We wanted to pick up the story right where we left off,” series creator/executive producer Sarah Lampert tells Tudum. “We left it off on such a juicy cliffhanger.”

Watch Georgia Discover Ginny Knows Her Darkest Secret | 'Ginny & Georgia' S2E1

Watch Georgia Discover Ginny Knows Her Darkest Secret | Ginny & Georgia S2E1

Indeed, in the Season 1 finale, “The Worst Betrayal Since Jordyn and Kylie,” after learning that her mom murdered her ex-husband, Ginny hits the road on Marcus’ (Felix Mallard) motorcycle, with little brother Austin (Diesel La Torraca) clinging to her back — all while Georgia’s out celebrating fiancé Paul’s (Scott Porter) reelection as mayor.

“We spent all of Season 1 breaking these characters down and putting them in certain places,” says Lampert. “So, we wanted to honor that by picking up Season 2 just two weeks later. We jumped right back into where we emotionally left everyone at the end of Season 1.”

But fear not, peaches, if Georgia’s reaction to discovering her children are missing is something you’re just dying to see, a handy flashback scene reveals all — and Tudum has an exclusive first look at that moment above.

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  Virginia Miller

In the flashback, Georgia returns home from the “greatest night” of her life, full of reelection excitement, but her buzz quickly tempers as she finds her coveted wolfsbane plant (the poison she used to kill her ex-husband) burnt to a crisp in the fireplace. Horrified, she drops to her knees, as she realizes what her teenage daughter now knows. For once, Georgia’s not the perfectly poised and composed woman she’s worked so carefully to cultivate. “The puzzle piece that was missing suddenly slides into place and I see it; I see her — who she really is,” says Ginny in a voice-over.

For showrunner and executive producer Debra J. Fisher, the scene showcases a vulnerable side of Georgia that’s rarely seen. “That moment is one of the most powerful moments for Georgia,” Fisher explains. “Typically, she’s all that Southern charm and warmth on the outside and hiding her true darker self from everyone, especially Ginny. Georgia discovering the wolfsbane in the fireplace reveals one of her darkest secrets. Ginny now knows the truth — that she’s a murderer. But for Georgia, for better or worse, at her core, she will do anything for her kids. So, we felt it was one of the most powerful ways we could see that reaction we were craving.”

But Georgia isn’t just shocked and upset — she’s also mad. Fisher and Lampert wanted to make sure that came through in the scene. “When we thought about that, it was like, she’s done so much for her kids, and she’s really compromised herself as a person so much to give them this life,” says Lampert. “Then, they leave when they finally understand the level that she is willing to go to for them and what she is willing to do for them. Are you kidding me?!” Watch out for flying fireplace pokers.

  Ginny and Georgia

Brianne Howey and Scott Porter.

Chelsea Clark and Sara Waisglass.

Antonia Gentry and Waisglass.

Gentry and Felix Mallard.

Diesel La Torraca and Howey.

Nathan Mitchell and Howey.

Gentry and Howey.

Both Georgia’s reaction to Ginny and Austin’s abandonment and Ginny’s new knowledge shape the mother/daughter relationship for the rest of Season 2. “Georgia is such a mama bear and so protective of her children, [but] also simultaneously [has] this indignation of, ‘Look what I would do for you. These are the lengths I will go to protect you, and now, once you see the inner me, you leave?!’” says Fisher. “Georgia is pissed for better or worse.”

Beyond the initial fireworks of Episode 1, Season 2 will delve further into Georgia’s past, including her tumultuous history with Austin’s father Gil (Aaron Ashmore) as he reenters the scene fresh from prison. Meanwhile — because discovering your mom’s a murderer isn’t enough to cope with — Ginny also has to deal with the MANG (her group of high school girlfriends) fallout, led by Max (Sara Waisglass), who was far from happy to find out her bestie was hooking up with her twin brother at the end of Season 1. Unsurprisingly, through all of this, Ginny continues to grapple with her mental health.

Watch the exclusive clip and trailer above, then tune into Ginny & Georgia Season 2 on Jan. 5.

Love you, mean it.

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