Giving has a new meaning!

Are You a Top or Bottom in the Bedroom? | Keep it 100 | Cut
Are You a Top or Bottom in the Bedroom? | Keep it 100 | Cut

Giving has a new meaning!


Have you ever wanted to shout at the top of your lungs and say, “Can someone please help?!” Well, I have plenty of that experience especially during my single parenting years of looking after Edward.

Sometimes I get a response, and other times I don’t.

PeopleStories is no exception and delightfully having a team of 30 virtual volunteers around the world to help empower children to complete school. Our team brings their unique skills to the family ranging from strategic planning, marketing and communications, fundraising, teaching… to book keeping and you name it! When chatting with Roberta Thomson, one of our youngest service PeopleStories family members, about her motivation to serve our purpose and she shared, “I believe in PeopleStories purpose in so many ways. It is about empowering students in rural Cambodia to have opportunities to pursue their dreams. It is also about providing greater equity and access to quality education through the use of technologies which support their learning both online and offline.”

Carrie Lim, founder of Happy Hypno, is another outstanding role model of giving. Besides volunteering as part of our family for more than a year, she recently created her own “business giving” concept by asking her first-time customer to make a voluntary donation to PeopleStories for her service instead of charging them a fee. Carrie said, “Part of the purpose of running a hypnotherapy practice is to bring more enlightenment to life. By encouraging my customers to look beyond themselves and give to the others speaks to my value enormously. I believe that education is the way out of poverty and have seen the dedication that the PeopleStories team has put in for the children during these dire times.”

I am glad to collaborate with people and organisations who share my values. Catherine further echoed, “I remember I was browsing PeopleStories’ website to find out more about the organization and what Victoria wrote really hit me – “Real charity work has nothing to do with feeling-good tourism. I have witnessed sewing machines being dropped off in a deserving community only to gather dust for years after. Why? Because there is no one who thought about teaching them how to sew! That is why we focus on empowering skills, influencing behavior and mind set for sustainable and responsible change.”

I cannot agree more with Victoria, and this is the moment I knew we’d like to support People Stories. I believe getting to the root of the cause, empowering the community with the knowledge and skills are far more important and sustainable than just giving them pure financial or material support. We believe the upcoming Smart School Anywhere program will empower even more children through Digital Learning, and we look forward to the launch in 2022.”

Since 2017, I have been donating my time, skills, wealth and more preciously my heart to PeopleStories. My happiness meter is rising day by day. Why? Because I am clear on my purpose and willingly to serve the children in rural Cambodia with greater access to quality education. My sincere invitation to YOU to join our giving… give the way it means the most to you and the community.

Check out our “Wellness for Good” workshop and get in touch with your teams for greater wellbeing and serving a social impact at the same time.

Story written by: Founder Victoria Miloschewsky

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