How Tall was Hitler?

How Tall was Hitler?

Adolf Hitler, as the most infamous leader in modern history and one of the most infamous in all of history has been a subject of extremely many discussions, probably more than any modern leader. Stories related to him range from conspiracy theories like that he didn’t commit suicide in his Berlin bunker in 1945 and that he was possessed by the Devil. A common question that does arise; however, is how tall was Hitler?

Hitler Rumors


There have also been many stories related to his physical features, like the popular myth that Hitler only had one testicle. Regarding this story there is no evidence proving this theory, Hitler’s doctor Dr. Theodor Morell,

Hitler Standing 1928

who would have known this and he certainly never made any record of this.

Adolf Hitler’s Physical Features

Hitler’s physical features are often of interest in debates about the German leader, that is probably due to his ideology of creating an ultimate Aryan race. Most people probably know about what the Nazis considered to be an ideal man, blonde hair and blue eyes. That is probably why people are so interested in things like how tall was Hitler.

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Ironically enough, Adolf Hitler didn’t fit into the Aryan profile at all. According to the Nazi ideology the ultimate Aryan was tall, had a strong body and a strong mind and the most famous part, which most people probably know, blond hair and blue eyes. In that regard Hitler wasn’t Aryan at all, other than having blue eyes.

How Tall was Hitler Really?

While a lot of details about Hitler’s life are subject of speculation, in regard to how tall was Hitler there is evidence to prove his real height. There is a record from the Austrian Army pointing out that Hitler was probably 173cm (5’8 feet). Another indicator of his height is that Hitler, when talking with Manfred Rommel, (Field Marshal Erwin Rommel’s son) he could comfortably look him in the eye. Since Rommel was 5’6 (167cm) that would indicate that Hitler was at least his height or probably a little taller which means that the measurement from the Austrian Army is probably correct.

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Could Hitler have Served in the SS?

Hitler once remarked that if the requiting standards for the Waffen-SS were applied to him he couldn’t join the SS. Since the height requirements for the SS changed from year to year that doesn’t prove or disprove theories regarding his height. In 1938 the requirement for joining the SS was 6′ (182.88 cm), but that was changed to 5’9″ (175.26cm) in 1940. Despite that requirement, the smaller SS-men were still able to join the Pioneers (combat engineers) if they were taller than 168cm (5’6).

Hitler wasn’t really short, he was of average height but he had a similar problem to Napoleon, who was above average height for his time period, but he was often seen with his Imperial Guard, who were all above average height so that lead to the perception that he was short. Hitler on the other hand was of average height but all of his generals were taller than him, so that might have led to the perception of how tall (or short) Hitler really was.

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