How To Catch A Vibe

What does “catching a vibe” mean to you?

For me, it’s being able to let my mind loose by allowing it to do what it does best.


Its something that goes overlooked in today’s technology-based culture that causes us to fall victim to constant interruption.

I see it every day.

It’s a buzz from an incoming email, the deadline you absolutely have to hit, or a tempting Snapchat that – straight up – impedes on the natural flow of your mind by creating a vicious cycle of interjections.

And you know what sucks most?

We are so used to that interruption that you don’t even see how it shapes the world around you.

One time for your mind

Why do I give a shit about this – better yet, why should you?

Because our greatest assets in life are our unrefined instincts. They are the roots of your core beliefs – deep down they are the drivers behind what makes you, you.

Are you following me here?

If your instincts are your greatest asset, why do you conciously choose to shut them down for an interruption that can probably wait?

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Don’t give it up, put it down

I know the rebuttal that you’re probably thinking – “I have too much to do” or “I don’t have enough time” to shut my laptop and turn off my phone.

But don’t we all?

I’m never short of work to do – planning new projects, executing on current ones. Point being that, just like you, I have plenty of time sensitive “important” tasks to take care of every day.

The key to it all, better yet, what I’ve learned to embrace? Never kill a vibe, because that’s where the magic lives.

Fire sale

Let me explain to you how important it is to catch a vibe — especially in the heat of the moment.

The night before the most important presentation of JSG’s early career, the boys and I decided to have a couple beers to calm the nerves. In the morning we would toss our pitch out there for 55 business owners to chew on.

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For a couple of 23 year olds with hardly a dollar, a dream, and just about nothing to fill our jeans, damn straight I’ll be the first one to stand up and tell you the thought of that presentation had us scared.


We turned off our computers because we realized that we were frying our minds by running through the presentation over, and over, and over. In order to execute, we needed to relax.

Before we knew it, those “couple beers” I mentioned turned into 2am with some unforgettable laughs.

And that’s when the magic happened.

We caught a vibe and decided that we were going to give away all our gear during the presentation – you know, the hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, stickers you’re all waiting on? We gave away all of it – it was a fire sale.

Time to use your imagination – ready?

Picture Dan, Scott, and I sitting in our living room scrambling to iron all of our inventory, track down extra coat hangers, boot-strapping a clothing rack together to hang them. We did this all while assembling a display for our table with an American flag backdrop, sticker-slapped with the Roo.

  What Does Catch A Vibe Mean?

And guess what?

Every business owner in that room walked away from our presentation cheesin’ from cheek-to-cheek with fresh new gear in hand — remembering exactly who we were and why we were there.

All because we caught a vibe and ran with it.

Time to break out

How will you respond next time you start to catch a vibe?

Will you remain enslaved to your self-constructed “hierarchy-of-importance” or will you let yourself break out?

Being able to let yourself go – taking whatever you’re scheming on in your head and riding the hell out of that wave – will leave you in amazement at what you’re capable of.

That’s how you catch a vibe.

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