Is Chimney leaving 9-1-1? Fate of Kenneth Choi’s character explored

911 5×12 | Maddie tells Chimney about her attempt
911 5×12 | Maddie tells Chimney about her attempt

Fans of 9-1-1 have not had it easy over the past few weeks as fan-favourite Maddie Buckley disappeared from the show, leaving behind her and Chimney’s newborn baby.

Jennifer Love Hewitt’s character left suddenly at the end of episode 3 and the following chapter explores the fallout for Chimney as he ponders what to do next.

Agonisingly for fans, Chimney’s future on 9-1-1 has now been placed in doubt too as the character ventured off to find the missing Maddie but does this mean Kenneth Choi’s character is leaving for good?

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9-1-1 | Season 5 Trailer

9-1-1 season 5 episode 4 recap

Episode 4 of 9-1-1 season 5 arrived on Fox at 8/7c on Monday, October 11th.

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Titled Home and Away, the episode explores the after-effects of Maddie’s shocking departure at the end of the previous chapter.

The episode centres on Kenneth Choi’s Chimney as he searches for answers about where the love of his life has disappeared off to.

Several twists and turns arise as Chimney learns that Maddie took their daughter, Jee-Yun, to the emergency room without his knowledge and that she called her brother, Buck, not long before her sudden disappearance, leading to tension between the two men as Buck kept this detail from Chimney.

Away from Chimney’s search for Maddie, Hen was placed in a difficult position over the fates of two teenage girls while Maddie’s new stand-in, Claudette Collins, proved to be an unwelcome arrival for May.

And finally, after bottling up her feelings about her recent ordeal with the sinister Jeffrey, Athena broke down in heart-wrenching fashion.

Is Chimney leaving 9-1-1?

Episode 4 came to a tear-jerking conclusion when Chimney revealed that he was leaving his post at Firehouse 118 to go in search of Maddie.

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Kenneth Choi’s character was quick to reassure his best friend Hen that he would return once he had found the mother of his child, hinting that Chimney and Maddie not leaving 9-1-1 for good just yet.

Maddie actress Jennifer Love Hewitt has recently given birth in real life so it’s been speculated that her character’s departure from the show is only temporary so that she can take some maternity leave.

Hopefully, it won’t be long before we get to see Chimney and Maddie reunite.

Fans react to episode 4

It’s safe to say that Chimney’s determination to find Maddie made for heart-wrenching viewing in episode 4 and fans have been quick to agree with many taking to social media to offer up their thoughts.

One fan on Twitter wrote: “Chimney in this episode had me in tears the entire time.”

While another added: “Does 911 expect me to be okay after watching chimney break down like that?”

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This fan commented: “Also wow wow wow kenneth choi did AMAZING this episode. i usually dont cry during shows unless a character is being killed off and theres a sad scene regarding that. but chimney’s desperation to find maddie – his love for her – seeing his pain – was so gut wrenching to watch.”

And finally, this fan added:

Season 5 of 9-1-1 continues on Fox at 8/7c on Mondays.

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