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Jabari Banks is a famous American young actor, who debut with his First television series on the 13th of February and played the character of Will Smith in the series named “Bel-Air” (a dramatic take on Peacock Production house). In his debut show, he then played the role of Will Smith who is a young black teen and said to be an adaptation of the 1990s iconic show “The Frest Prince of Bel-Air”. Check all the details below about Jabari Banks Wiki, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Parents, Ethnicity, Movies, Net Worth, Biography & More.


Jabari Banks Wiki/Biography

Jabari Banks was born in 1998 (Age: 23 years; As of 2021) in West Philadelphia. His nickname is Banks, Jabari, and Will.

Jabari childhood photo

He is famous for playing the role of Will Smith in the series Bel-Air. His profession is acting. His nationality is American and his ethnicity is Afro-American. He follows Christianity (religion).

Jabari Banks Educational Qualification

He completed his schooling in West Philly town. After completing schooling, he joined a reputed West Philly University and completed her bachelor’s degree in Arts.

Jabari Banks’ Physical Stats

Jabari Banks Physical Appearance

Height: 6′ 0″ inches

Weight: 80 kg

Eye Colour: Black

Hair Colour: Black

Hair Length: Short

Distinctive Features: Perfect Jawline

Body Measurements: Chest-40, Waist-36, Bicep-16

Tattoos: Yes

Jabari Banks Family & Parents

Jabari was born into a middle-class family in West Philadelphia. He doesn’t disclose any information about his family, parents, and siblings. Also, when he appeared in the show’s personal interview, Banks doesn’t tell about her family and parents. But, Jabari shared that his family has watched all the season of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”.

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He shared that his mother helped him to find a job for him to bear all his expenses of him.

Jabari Banks Girlfriend

He started his career and he is a hard-working guy. So, Jabari doesn’t distract from his acting career of life by involving himself in any relationship with any girl.

Jabari Banks with Will Smith

So, at present, he is still single and unmarried. After some years, he is also in a relationship with a girl but at present, he is focused on his acting career and completing the goals of his life.

Jabari Banks Career & Profession

He started his career in acting after completing his studies. When he joined a job in a factory near Temecula, California that was found by his mother. On 28th August 2021, after one year Jabari becomes successful and appointed a role in the Bel-Air series and got the part in the reboot of “The Fesh Prince of Bel-Air” and flew to Philly but at present, he is in California.

Jabari Banks in Bel-Air series

Jabari Banks said that knew this character of Will Smith was me, “Throughout my whole life, people said, ‘You kind of have mannerisms like Will [Smith] and you move like him a little bit.’ This is my first television role and ‘The Fresh Prince was Will Smith’s first television role. I remember sitting down with director/co-writer/executive producer Morgan Cooper one day and he was like, ‘As soon as I met you, I knew it was you.’ So from then on I just went with my own instincts.

The actor says the reboot series reframes Will’s arrival to the Banks’ mansion and how his own Black experience relates to theirs. “Sometimes people see it as you get a little bit of money and you’re losing your Blackness,” he says. “That’s kind of how the first show played in a comedic way. For this, it was, let’s start opening up those conversations.”

Jabari Banks’ Net Worth

Jabari Banks’ net worth is not estimated because of started her career last year and the production company of the series has not disclosed what they are paying Jabari for his acting work in the show. So, he earns a lot of good income but there is no estimation. Surely, his net worth and earnings will become high as soon as he gets more success in his career and also doing the brands collaboration.

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Jabari Banks Social Handles

Instagram: jabaribanks

Twitter: jabaribanks

Jabari Banks Amazing Facts

  • Banks love to wear caps mostly and shaded clothes whenever he goes out.

Jabari’s early life photo

  • The Frest Prince of Bel-Air show was famous in the 1990s and has continuously telecasted for 6 seasons on NBC’s Network. At that time the role was played by the famous rap star and actor Will Smith. After getting the chance to play a role in the iconic series ‘Bel-Air’ actor Jabari said that,

Bro, I grew up watching that show, “Banks,23, told The Post. “My family has the six-season [‘Fresh Prince’] box set, so that would repeat in our house all the time. I have Will Smith sweaters and I dressed up as ‘The Fresh Prince in high school with a couple of my classmates.

That has been the defining show for me in my life – and even before I got the call [for ‘Bel-Air’] I re-watched the 6 seasons all the way through during quarantine. There are so many parallels between my life and Will Smith’s life. This is my first time in LA and it was Will’s first time in LA when he did the show.

Jabari Banks said that the real Will Smith is also the same in many ways like him and shared that he loves to play football and basketball just like Will Smith and also fond of music and rapping just like him.

Also, he said that he had found his passion for acting, when he was in his 11th grade of school and at that time, Jabari thinking that he would love to do for a long and joined a theatre club with knowledge of acting. After appearing in series, he said that,

I remember The Fresh Prince is the first show that I watched where i realized what entertainment was. It’s been such a defining factor for me in my life and how I see the world – of going about life kind of in the sense that Will did, with ease and always wanting to make people laugh, finding joy in that laughter, and what that laughter means for people. That is always what I’ve wanted to do and why I wanted to pursue the arts.

  • Jabari started his Instagram profile on 19th February 2021.
  • He shared that Olly Sholotan his co-star on the show was his best friend and told, him that Olly helped him to get settled in Los Angeles when the city was new for him to settle.
  • Jabari also wears diamond studs on his ears.
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