Kanao Demon Slayer : Everything You Need To Know

Kanao Tsuyuris Past [ Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 25 ] ENG SUB
Kanao Tsuyuris Past [ Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 25 ] ENG SUB

Kanao Tsuyuri is a Demon Slayer and foster sibling to Shinobu Kanae and Kocho Kanae.

Appearance Kanao Demon Slayer

Kanao is a little girl with eyelashes of pink and black pinched up using an ethereal and pink butterfly-shaped hairpin, which was previously belonging to Kanae. She has asymmetrically cut hairstyle in the front, and has small strands of hair hanging close to her ears.
She is wearing an outfit in dark violet worn by the the demon-slayer and instead of the standard hakama she’s wearing a knee-length gown. In addition, she is wearing a white cape , which is tied by pink cord. Her feet are covered with long laces on her boots.

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PERSONALITY Kanao Demon Slayer

At first, Kanao was a very silent girl who was unable to make her mind up about things because of her past as a slave. Kanao was not able to display any emotion other than smiling. If she wasn’t sure of the direction to go she would flip the coin.

Story Kanao Demon Slayer

But, things aren’t looking well for Kanao who can’t take action without being told to do it. Shinobu believes that the little girl is a lost cause, however Kanae who is more compassionate, hands the girl a penny and tells her to flip it whenever she is required to make choices.

The tragic story of Kanao’s backstory is the one Kimetsu the no Yaiba‘s major concepts: human beings can be horrible. While demons can be destructive human beings are capable of actions that are equally destructive. What exactly defines the creature to be found in Kimetsu the show no Yaiba isn’t easy in the same way as looking at the demons in the show. Kanao’s parents and eventually master are the same villains just like the Twelve Kizuki demon Rui, who tortured their Spider Demon family and preyed on weaker people than he.

Kanao’s story, while tragic, has one bright side. Kanae Shinobu’s relationship with her clearly helped her work to overcome her trauma a slight way. Kanao remains an individual who has suffered trauma but she’s more productive in comparison to how she had been. Positive relationships and a sense of communitythat aren’t accessible to demons in any significant way — have an impact on her life, which suggests that the show may examine this issue further in the future.

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In the same episode, Inosuke and Tanjiro get new swords, which the former goes over the top to slash them with a knife to everyone’s surprise and disgust. Tanjiro will also try to find more details from Shinobu on his involvement in the Hinokami Kagura Dance and Fire Breathing which helped him in his fight against Rui. While Shinobu states that she does not be knowledgeable but she does say that there’s a Fire Breathing practice however that the Demon Slayer Corps doesn’t refer to it as breathing due to an legal reason that isn’t explored in detail.

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Skills Of Kanao Demon Slayer


Flower Breath: Kanao learned flower breath from her previous floral pillar Kanae Kochou. After her fencing master’s death she was instructed to breathe by Shinobu.

  • The second technique is Apricot soul (Er noXing Yu Ying Mei Ni no Kata Mikage Ume) It is a defensive technique that deflects attacks by spinning swords.
  • Fourth technique Scarlet Robe (Si NoXing Hua Yi Shi no Kata Beni Hanagoromo) One blade spinning.
  • Fifth technique Transient peony (Wu notXing Tu noShuo – Go No Kata — Ada Shukuyaku) Shukuyaku) A series of nine cuts that tangle together.
  • Sixth technique spin the peach (Lu NoXing, Wo Tao Roku no Kata – Uzumomo) is a technique that is used following or during the dodge. Kanao spins to boost the strength of his attack.
  • final technique: Eyes of the spider red Lily (Zhong NoXing Bian Zhu Yantsui no Katha Higan Shugan) Higan Shugan) An approach to increase the amount of vision that a person can see that allows Kanao to perceive the world with slow motion. This attack, however, destroys blood vessels, and may completely or partially impair vision.

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Did Kanao die?

Kanao doesn’t die in Demon Slayer. Although it is possible that she may die in their time at Infinity Castle Arc Infinity Castle Arc, she is alive until the last chapter.

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Despite suffering a severe accident, Kanao and Inosuke team with Doma to take revenge on Shinobu and win because of Doma’s deed.

It was a difficult decision, and the idea that Kanao might be able to take on his Upper Rank Two demon and be able to prevail was a bit far-fetched.

However, before her death, Shinobu managed to overdose Doma with poison that killed her (seven thousand times more that theamount of lethal) and then signaled Kanao the fact that she could kill him.

As she understood the message Shinobu wanted to convey, Kanao wasted no breath in performing Doma.

After the fight, Kanao safely joined up with the rest of the gang members and began to prepare for their final battle.

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Can Kanao talk? What has happened to her?

Kanao can speak, but she’s not often talking. Prior to her sale to slaves, her parents were frequently cruel and severe starved her.

The results of this emotionally damaged Kanao who quit talking at 5 years old , and who replied with straightforward answers to questions

When Kanae and Shinobu saved the girl Kanao was still struggling with speech, and displayed signs of becoming catatonic. Even though Shinobu was annoyed by her daughter, Kanae remained patient and compassionate.

After Kanae’s passing, Shinobu took on her role and displayed the same affection and love for her mother as Kanao.

Then she taught Kanao that she was”the Demon Slayer, and eventually, Kanao began showing signs of healing.

It took her an extended time to recover. But by the time the manga was drawing to its final chapter, Kanao was speaking significantly more often than she had prior to that due to the friendships she’d developed in the past with Tanjiro and his colleagues.

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Does Tanjiro Marry Kanao?

Tanjiro was married to Kanao after the death of the Demon Slayer. In chapter 205 we get to meet the grandparents of the characters who fought Muzan.

There is Kanata and Sumihiko Kamado and Sumihiko Kamado, and children of Tanjiro Kanata and Kanao.

  Kanao Tsuyuri/Synopsis

Although it’s still not official however, these obvious hints indicate that, following their reunion in the blossoms of the cherry, Tanjiro and Kanao fell in love and married.

They then remained in peace free of any monsters, with their children and their friends.

Alongside the Kamado Descendants, we also have the opportunity to be able to Yoshiteru, Toko Agatsuma, Zenitsu and Nezuko’s great-grandchildren and Aoba Hashibara, who is the Great-Grandson of Aoi and Inosuke Hashibara.

There are of course Reincarnations of characters like Kanae as well as Shinobu as well as the descendants of the Hashira families, like Rengoku, Giyu, and Tengen.

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  • The name Kanao is comprised of characters which mean “nut” (Li tsu), “flower” (Hua yu) and “fall” (Luo ri).
  • Kanao has chosen her own name from a variety of suggestions. Aoi truly wanted to have a sister, so she demanded that Kanao adopt her name.
  • For the first popular ranking of Kanao, the country ranked 8th with 712 votes.
  • The exact date of her birth is undetermined. Kanae as well as Shinobu adopted her on the 19th of May.
  • Kanao’s most loved activity involves blowing bubbles of soap. She also likes purchasing the other inhabitants of the butterfly mansion as well as various other items from her allowance, as well as playing with cat paws, as well as helping cook.
  • Kanao is the sole confirmed successor to the series.
  • Kanao’s most loved drink is ramune. Her most loved food is the one cooked by Aoi.
  • Based on Gotou, Kanao has been killing demons since she was a kid.
  • Kanao keeps the coin Kanae left her in the box that her late sister had made.
  • On the cover of volume 18, Kanao has a sword to her right. Author apologizes for the error.
  • At the time of the events at Nagatumo Mountain, she had the rank of tsuchinoto.
  • During the battle in the fight with Doma, she lost sight in one eye.

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