The Longview Online Celebrity ‘Pop’ Makes Millions Smile

Sinéad O’Connor – This is to Mother You (Live at Tops of the Pops in 1997)
Sinéad O’Connor – This is to Mother You (Live at Tops of the Pops in 1997)

The Longview Online Celebrity ‘Pop’ Makes Millions Smile

This East Texas Online Celebrity Makes Millions of People Smile

I’ve been a fan of this online celebrity for years, something about his videos always put a smile on my face. I’m talking about the East Texas celebrity known as “Pop” from his social media accounts known as Pop Watch. Pop’s real name is Joe Mack Roy, and boy is he a character. If you’re not watching Pop Watch on Facebook and YouTube you need to check out his content immediately.

The content that is created is captured by his grandson Jason who is often behind the camera cracking jokes or getting pop excited about something. The hilarious part is when you see pop’s genuine reaction to everyday things. Pop is saying all the things that we are thinking, with the charm of an older gentleman.

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How Did Pop Grow His Audience to Millions of People?

Beyond being hilarious in his reactions to everyday things, pop also gives me and many others that connection to a grandfather figure. Both of my grandfathers passed away before I was out of high school so to learn little life lessons from the older generation is something that I’ve missed at times. Pop fills that void, and adds in so much laughter into every situation.

Pop Watch is Filmed Mostly in Longview, but They’re All Over East Texas

Jason often takes pop on adventures throughout East Texas but they are both out of Longview. East Texans will love seeing the pictures and videos of the restaurants we all enjoy.

If you’re ever wanting to just take a few minutes and laugh, look up Pop Watch.

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