The War Effort Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Quest

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (PS4) – picking up Feeding the Wolf from Thyra during Sigrblot
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (PS4) – picking up Feeding the Wolf from Thyra during Sigrblot

The War Effort Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Quest

Group: Sigrblot Festival

This quest can be called the main quest of Sigrblot Festival. You will receive it shortly after arriving to your settlement in England during the festival.

There is much to do before raiding season begins.

Prior quests

To begin The War Effort you must first complete Sigrblot Festival.

Quest stages of The War Effort

1. Participate in the War Effort

A progress bar will appear on your screen, which you will need to fill up by completing various festival activities (there will be 12 of them in total). Start by consulting the carvings surrounding the offerings boat. There are four of them.

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When you interact with any of them you will be given three objectives. The objectives have been divided into four groups probably only because they would not fit on the screen all at once. You don’t have to keep an objective active to complete it.

Group 1

  • Call a Feast at the Longhouse – Use the bell at the entrance to the longhouse to start the feast.
  • Apply a Tattoo – Go to tattoo shop in your settlement (it can be built when the settlement is at level 2 or higher) and apply any tattoo you want.
  • Find the 3 War Letters in the Festival Area – All three letters are in the area where the festival is held and you should not have much trouble finding them. They are shown in the images below.

Group 2

  • Collect animal goods from Hunting – Hunt any animal, such as a deer, and loot its carcass.
  • Catch a fish – Catch any fish you want. You can also shoot the fish with a bow and loot it.
  • Loot Foreign Supplies from a River Raid – Speak to Vagn and participate in any river raid. Loot one foreign supplies chest.
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Group 3

  • Help Thyra with the sacrifice – Complete the quest “Feeding the Wolf”.
  • Help Braun with the pigs – Complete the quest “Three Big Pigs”.
  • Humble Ake – Complete the quest “Fight or Flyte”.

Group 4

  • Buy something from Norvid’s Shop – Collect some tokens and buy any item from Norvid.
  • Defeat Alwin in a game of Orlog – Win a game of Drlog with Alwin – the “War Games” quest.
  • Survive 3 rounds of Swinda’s weapons testing – To do so, you must complete the quest “Test Your Metal”.

After completing The War Effort you will get or will be able to get Final Offering.

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