Tokyo Revengers Chapter 254: Release Date, Plot, Spoilers & Where to Read

Mikey VS Taiju Full Fight 4K | Mikey Beat Taiju in One Kick – Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Episode 9
Mikey VS Taiju Full Fight 4K | Mikey Beat Taiju in One Kick – Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Episode 9

While not a major title on the marker, Tokyo Revengers has become somewhat of a cult classic in the years since its debut. This yanki story has become a major hit around the world after the first season of the anime was released, and the new popularity transferred itself to the manga as well. After a long(er) break, Tokyo Revengers is finally back and we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the upcoming Chapter 254 of Tokyo Revengers, which is set to be released on May 25, 2022.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 254 release date and time

From what we know at this moment, Chapter 254 of Tokyo Revengers is going to be released on May 25, 2022. The chapter’s title, as well as the number of pages, are, as of this moment, unknown. The episode titles are usually revealed ahead of the premiere, which is not the case with the manga chapters. The official release date for the upcoming manga chapter applies only to Japan, as the title is going to be released later in other markets.

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This is the official release schedule for Tokyo Revengers Chapter 254, which reveals when you can expect the chapter to be released if you’re in Japan. Luckily for the fans, there seem to be no delays this week.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 254 plot

The plot of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 254 is not known at this moment. Now, as of the time of writing this article, Chapter 252 has also not been published, so we don’t actually know what the plot of that chapter is, which is why we are going to bring you a recap of Chapter 251:

Seeing Inupi fight Wakasa and Benkei, Koko watches with concern and reminds him that he is fighting two tough fighters alone. Annoyed, Inupi ignores him and punches the two, then Shinichiro asks Sano if they wanted them to betray Brahman in exchange for the Kanto Manji Gang.

He goes on to say that despite their betrayal, they are members of the First Generation Black Dragon by his side, who have now placed their trust in Takemichi after the formation of the Second Generation Tokyo Gang Manji, which was rebuilt on the model of the First Generation. Black Dragon. With this kindred spirit, Inupi believes he will never lose to Kanto Manji.

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Looking to the future, Koko reflects on his course of action, reminiscing about how he saved Inupi at a young age during this time of need. He decides against it, having accomplished his greedy plans, albeit reluctantly. On a shipping container, Mikey watches the battle unfold and asks Shuji Hanma to settle it.

While talking in the middle of the fight, Hakkai, Mitsuya, Chifuyu and Akkun are approached by Hanma, who challenges them. At the same time, Inupi is bloodily beaten by Wakasa and Benkei. He eventually asks Koko for help, but Koko hesitates until he introduces himself to Akane Inui, who thanks him for his efforts after advising him to live the life he desires. Koko realizes her stubbornness and hits Benkei before Benkei can hit Inupi. Meanwhile, Pah-chin manages to approach Mikey and defiantly confronts him.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 254 spoilers

Manga fans will know that some time before the debut of a new chapter, spoilers tend to roam the Internet. In this section, we are going to redirect you to the source of these spoilers so you can – at your own disposal – check them out for yourselves. Currently, there are no Chapter 254 spoilers available, but we are going to update this article as soon as they surface online.

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Where to read Tokyo Revengers Chapter 254?

The only place where you can read Tokyo Revengers on a regular basis is Kodansha’s official site, which offers the latest chapters in English. Kodansha is the official American publisher of Tokyo Revengers, which is why it offers the series regularly, but the chapters are published after the Japanese originals. A Kodansha subscription is a good thing because the chapters are updated regularly, but you also get access to a lot of other series as well.

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