Wait, WHAT? ‘Bachelorette’ Contestant Sells Skin?!


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Over the last nineteen years, Bachelor Nation fans have seen some pretty odd job descriptions from contestants. From “chicken enthusiast” (Tiara Soleim, Bachelor Season 20,) to “erectile dysfunction specialist” (Evan Bass, Bachelorette Season 12,) we thought we’d seen it all. But fans were left scratching their heads after ABC announced Katie Thurston’s suitors. “Skin salesman”????? What?! He sells skin??

Meet Bachelorette Contestant Jeff, the “Skin Salesman”

“Manscaper,” “Jumbotron Operator,” “Twins.” That one-or-two word description will follow contestants throughout their season and beyond. The “twins,” Emily & Haley Ferguson, are now engaged at the same time. Are they planning a joint wedding?

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Scrolling through the 29 contestants from Katie Thurston’s season, many fans stopped short when they got to 31-year-old Jeff. The New Jersey resident lists his job description as “skin salesman.” Ed Gein, reincarnated?

Don’t worry, Bachelor Nation. There’s nothing sketchy about his job. As Page Six elaborates, he sells surgical skin, typically for skin grafts. It’s an odd job title that is sure to be explained in depth once Season 17 starts next month.

Bachelorette Fans Hilariously React to Job Description – “He Sells Skin?”

When ABC posted the headshots and short descriptions of the contestants, many users were taken aback by Jeff’s description. They dropped hilarious comments and questions. Quite a few thought that someone at the network made a typo when writing up the copy.

But a few people had watched Jimmy Kimmel Live for a “first look” at some of Katie’s suitors. It was there that the ‘Bachelorette crew’ explained Jeff’s job.

Jimmy gathered his Bachelorette crew for this FIRST LOOK at Katie’s men! 🌹🤣🍷 @BacheloretteABC @KatieThurston pic.twitter.com/oiUuNXSAiz

— Jimmy Kimmel Live (@JimmyKimmelLive) May 18, 2021

Those who didn’t see the late-night show had some humorous thoughts:

  • How does one sell ski- you know what, nevermind. Would rather not even know.
  • i reallllyyyy hope they meant skin CARE salesman….
  • Trying to appeal to the outer species demographic with this one.
  • Need a normal human being skin to fit in while on Planet Earth? Look no further!
  • He sells skin? Like what kind and where does he get it from?
  • What in the ever-living dark web kinda job is a skin salesman?!
  • Are you sure his name isn’t Dexter?
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Hopefully, viewers will learn more about Jeff on the Bachelorette season premiere.

Us Weekly compiled more of the outlandish descriptions Bachelor Nations contestants have used over the years. Which one is the strangest?

30 Suitors Look for Love With Katie Thurston

Jeff is among 28 other men hoping to find love with fiery Katie Thurston. She famously presented Matt James with her vibrator as a first impression gift. One of the men on her season returned the favor by having a blow-up doll accompanying him.

It’s unclear what becomes of the blow-up doll. However, ABC teased that viewers can expect one more surprise contestant not listed on their social media. He is the one stepping out of the huge gift box. Online speculation is that Blake Moynes from Season 16 is returning for another shot at love.

What are your thoughts on the Bachelorette contestant who sells skin? Let us know in the comments below.

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Tune in on Monday, June 7, to see Katie Thurston start doling out roses on The Bachelorette.

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