What are Minecraft End Crystals?

End Crystal Minecraft Crafting Recipe
End Crystal Minecraft Crafting Recipe

The End Dimension in Minecraft is a land of complete mystery where the players fight the end boss. Near the Ender Dragon, players can find the Minecraft End Crystals and here is all you need to know about them!

The End Dimension is the world where the players first meet the Ender Dragon and they have to subsequently defeat it to reach the end credits scene. During the fight, players may find the End Crystals powering up the Boss and placed on the top of huge towers.

Here is all you need to know about the Minecraft End Crystals!

Minecraft End Crystals

What are Minecraft End Crystals?

The Minecraft End Crystals are an item that generate in The End and powers up the Ender Dragon and is a unique item found only on the Central Island where the Ender Dragon generates.

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They generate on top of the tall obsidian towers of the Central Islands of The End. There are a total of 10 crystals and 2 of them are guarded by Iron bars and each of them are setup on a Bedrock.

Uses for End Crystals

Minecraft End Crystals

The End Crystals that generate along with the Ender Dragon will heal the dragon when the dragon flies near them. The crystal fires a beam that heals the dragon for 1 health point per second. This cannot be blocked by any blocks and therefore, they need to be destroyed to effectively defeat the Ender Dragon.

It can also be used to respawn the Ender dragon by placing 4 of them on each side on the Exit Portal in the End. This sets in motion the resurrection of the original End Crystals on top of the towers and the Ender Dragon respawning.

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End Crystals will be destroyed if they are attacked and they explode with a strength of 6. If it is destroyed while the Ender Dragon is healing from it, the dragon takes 10 health damage.

How to make a End Crystal in Minecraft?

Players need the following items to make a End Crystal in Minecraft:

  • Glass x7
  • Eye of Ender x1
  • Ghast Tear x1

Minecraft End Crystals

Combine the items in the Crafting Table to make a End Crystal. Players can place it on top of obsidian and Bedrock blocks.

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