What to Look Out for on Prime Day: A Game Plan for Amazon Advertisers

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Comparison: How Rare is Your Birthday?

You’ve been prepping for Prime Day, and it’s fast approaching! What changes should you expect to see in your campaigns? How should you react to those changes? In this blog we’ll show you what to look out for on Prime Day (and before and after!)

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1. What to Look for in the Days Leading Up to Prime Day

What Should You Expect Before Prime Day?

Typically, in the days leading up to Prime Day, conversion rates go down, but traffic tends to go up. Why is this? Before Prime Day, many shoppers will window-shop and save items to buy on the actual day.

What Should You Do?

When this happens, we don’t recommend increasing your budgets or bids. Regardless of how much you spend, these shoppers are still going to wait until the actual sale to purchase. While increasing your bids will probably increase traffic, it probably won’t be very valuable traffic.

2. What to Look for on Prime Day

The Prime Day sale is on! What should you monitor in your campaigns while the event is running? What should you look for on Prime Day?

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What to Look for on Prime Day: Budgets

Watch your budgets and check to make sure you’re not out of spend. Sometimes you will run out of budget, which you don’t want to do on Prime Day! Check up on your available budget to make sure this doesn’t happen.

To do so, look at your business reports to determine what SKUs are performing well and translate that data to Seller Central to determine if you want to bid up or increase budgets.

Even if you’re not running Prime Day sales, it’s important to have enough budget on Prime Day! Often competitors who run sales may run out of stock, this could be your chance to scoop up sales from customers who are still looking to buy!

What to Look for on Prime Day: Bids

The day of the sale, watch your bids to make sure they’re competitive. Keep in mind, you might not want to increase your bids before the sale like we mentioned. However, the day of, when CPCs can rise is a different story. After Prime Day is over, don’t forget to reduce your bids to their normal level of spend.

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What to Look for on Prime Day: Competitors Products

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Take note of which competitors are running Prime Day deals. You can then use this data for product targeting during Prime Day next year—to make sure your products show in the recommended products alongside your competitors products.

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3. After Prime Day: What to Do with Your Data?

Now that Prime Day is over, what can you do with the valuable data you’ve collected? Don’t look at data too soon after the event is over, since Amazon has a lag in reporting data. After that, here are a few ideas:

Download All Your Reports

After you give Amazon a few days to catch up on reporting data, download all of your reports. We recommend continuously downloading your Amazon reports throughout the year so that you retain access to your historical data. Amazon only holds on to this data for 60 days—and after that it’s gone for good.

While we always recommend downloading your reports, it is especially important for Prime Day! When Prime Day comes around next year, you can use this valuable information to see which keywords and products were successful. You can then apply those keywords and increase bids to start next year’s Prime Day off on the right foot!

Apply Prime Day Data Outside of Amazon

Prime Day data is useful outside of Amazon, as well! Successful search terms, for instance, can be very useful in Google search campaigns (though you should carefully evaluate them first as not every term will translate!)

  Dive into anything

If you ran any promotions on Amazon, take a look at these as well and see if any might apply to Google Shopping or another channel. Likewise, if certain promotions really didn’t drive additional sales on Prime Day, re-evaluate them and see if you can make any improvements.

Your Prime Day data can also be a valuable resource for the holidays. Learn how to use Prime Day data for your holiday season.

Now You’re Ready for Prime Day

Whether you’re running sales on Prime Day, or not, you now know what to look out for on Prime Day, Amazon’s biggest event of the year! Take advantage of this Amazon-exclusive holiday to boost your sales and gather valuable data about your products: before, during, and after Prime Day.

We know Prime Day can be a lot to manage on top of your routine Amazon management. If you need help setting up sales for Prime Day, we’re happy to help. An Omnitail analyst can discuss your business goals and how we can make Prime Day Work for you. We’re just a click away—reach out today.

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