Who are Dave and Jenny Marrs? Rock the Block couple run blueberry farm for kids in Zimbabwe

Welcome Home Sylvie
Welcome Home Sylvie

Couple renovators, Dave and Jenny Marrs, will soon be featured in HGTV’s upcoming home-renovation reality show, Rock The Block. The Fixer to Fabulous celebrities will be among the four duos on the show facing off against each other to create stunning home renovations. Furthermore, they will also be competing for bragging rights and to have a street named in their honor.

The home renovation show will provide HGTV’s experts identical properties and challenge them to style and build a property by making the best use of their home renovation skills. The third season of Rock The Block will premiere on Monday, February 28 at 9.00 pm ET/PT.

Know more about Dave and Jenny Marrs from Rock The Block season 3

With no intention of becoming home renovators, Dave and Jenny Marrs were once quite far away from what they are today. Having been married for 15 years, the couple initially met at Newell Brands in 2002.

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After realizing his passion for building and construction, Dave left his old job and decided to move to Arkansas to follow his dreams in 2004.

Similarly, Jenny took a leap of faith by moving with Dave to the town. After pursuing her own job for some time, she later joined Dave’s business as a home designer. Jenny’s natural knack for design and Dave’s skills in craftsmanship eventually led to the couple renovating almost 300 homes in the town. In an episode of Fixer to Fabulous, Jenny quoted:

“I think, like a lot of people do here, we came for a stint and realized how great a place it is.”

Moreover, HGTV voluntarily approached Dave and Jenny Marrs for a show that required couples passionate about home renovations and living in small-communities. Finally, Dave and Jenny Marrs got Fixer to Fabulous.

After making a comfortable career for themselves, the couple married in 2005 and currently have five children. Passionate about several humanitarian projects including community transformation, family preservation, and orphan care, the Fixer to Fabulous couple also runs their own blueberry farm to help kids in Zimbabwe. On the Mars Developing Blog, Jenny described the farm as:

“A way to provide educational skills and opportunity for orphaned and at-risk teenage boys in Marondera, Zimbabwe.”

If taken care of well, blueberry plants yield fruits for a very long time. Interestingly, the couple relates this symbolism to that of investing in a child’s education. Interested readers can see more of this interesting couple in the upcoming third season of Rock the Block.

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