Who Comes Back for Season 2 of ‘Cheer’?

My Response to my Editors
My Response to my Editors

Who Comes Back for Season 2 of ‘Cheer’?

Meet Navarro’s Newest Cheerleaders on Season 2 of ‘Cheer’

Plus, who comes back for another shot at Daytona?

Back in the B.C.E. (Before Cheer Era), the Navarro College cheerleaders were famous in their own community, but most other people’s knowledge of competitive cheer likely began and ended with Bring It On. Seemingly overnight, Cheer made them bona fide cheerlebrities, gaining hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers, appearing on Ellen and even competing on Dancing With the Stars (Season 2 hint: it causes drama). And thanks to the reality series, many more people know terms like full out and hit zero.

Now there’s a new class of Navarro Bulldogs and TVCC rivals ready to steal the Daytona crown. Here’s your first look at the newest class of competitors, plus a sneak peak at which Season 1 favorites come back for another shot at making mat.

Navarro: The Newbies

Maddy Brum Meet Navarro’s Newest Cheerleaders on Season 2 of ‘Cheer’

Maddy Brum Brum is Navarro’s newest top girl, featured on both the ’19-’20 and ’20-’21 teams. A hard worker and perfectionist, Brum opens up on the show about her fractured relationship with her father and how cheer provided her with opportunities she didn’t have in her hometown of Dracut, Massachusetts. Previously, Brum cheered and coached at East Celebrity Elite Gym in Tewksbury, Massachusetts, becoming a world champion three times.

Gillian Rupert Meet Navarro’s Newest Cheerleaders on Season 2 of ‘Cheer’

Gillian Rupert Rupert flies alongside Brum on Navarro’s ’19-’20 and ’20-’21 teams. On the show, she talks about her difficult childhood and relationship with her parents; she ultimately moves in with teammate and best friend, Cassadee Dunlap, during quarantine. She cheered for Cheer Athletics previously, where she helped win Worlds in 2019.

Cassadee Dunlap Meet Navarro’s Newest Cheerleaders on Season 2 of ‘Cheer’

Cassadee Dunlap Dunlap, a tumbler from Arkansas, is already pretty well-known due to appearances on the TLC shows Cheer Perfection and Toddlers & Tiaras. She’s extremely close with Rupert, her roommate, and tries to help with her self-confidence. She also cheers for Cheer Athletics and Cheer Time Revolution.

Brooke Morosca Meet Navarro’s Newest Cheerleaders on Season 2 of ‘Cheer’

Brooke Morosca An alternate on Navarro’s 2019 championship team, we meet Morosca, a flyer, as she’s trying to make mat during a pretty stacked season. Morosca didn’t have it easy growing up — her father passed away when she was just 9 years old and her family struggled financially — but her positive attitude is infectious. During the show, we see Morosca coach at CTA, the gym where Navarro practices; previously, she cheered for Cheer Athletics and Next Level Cheerleading.

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Payton Sykes Meet Navarro’s Newest Cheerleaders on Season 2 of ‘Cheer’
Kailee Peppers Meet Navarro’s Newest Cheerleaders on Season 2 of ‘Cheer’

Kailee Peppers Obviously Monica’s back at Navarro, but she needs a little help during her Dancing With the Stars run, and that’s where Peppers comes in. A new assistant coach, Peppers runs the show alongside Andy Cosferent — but not without getting into some drama herself. Peppers previously competed with Navarro during their ’15-’17 seasons; she went on to cheer for Texas Tech for two years before returning to coach.

Dahlston Delgado Meet Navarro’s Newest Cheerleaders on Season 2 of ‘Cheer’

Dahlston Delgado During the show, we see Delgado, Navarro’s choreographer, polishing up the routine before Daytona. Delgado previously assisted Brad Vaughan, a choreographer who used to work with Navarro. When Vaughan chose to instead work with Trinity Valley, Delgado stepped up. Delgado choreographs roughly 75-85 routines per year, and even once took a role in the Broadway version of Bring It On: The Musical.

You can follow Delgado on Instagram.

And who will we recognize from Season 1? During the ’19-’20 season, Season 1 cast members Lexi Brumback, La’Darius Marshall, Morgan Simianer, Jerry Harris and Gabi Butler return to Navarro.

Trinity Valley: The Rival Cheerleaders

Jada Wooden Meet Navarro’s Newest Cheerleaders on Season 2 of ‘Cheer’

Jada Wooten This year, Cheer introduces us to Navarro’s rivals up the road: Trinity Valley Community College. The Cardinals’ de facto student leader is Jada Wooten, a second-year tumbler and flyer. During the season, she successfully wrangles “The Weenies,” aka Jaymo, Benji and Dee, and leads inspirational team chants both in practice and at Daytona. Wooten has previously cheered for Cheer Athletics.

Jeron Hazelwood Meet Navarro’s Newest Cheerleaders on Season 2 of ‘Cheer’

Jeron Hazelwood Hazelwood, TVCC’s star stunter and tumbler, is another leader of the group. His technical skills, positive attitude and standout performances are key to the team. Previously, he cheered for Gymtyme Chrome and Cheer Athletics.

You can follow Hazelwood on Instagram.

Devonte 'Dee' Joseph Meet Navarro’s Newest Cheerleaders on Season 2 of ‘Cheer’

Devonte “Dee” Joseph Joseph, one of TVCC’s new tumblers, can successfully pull off a “quint” — a flip with five turns that is so difficult it’s illegal to perform at Daytona. Originally from Alabama, Joseph honed his skills at Georgia’s Flip City South alongside the Rice siblings and was recruited by Navarro before deciding to come to TVCC. Assistant coach Khris Franklin says he might be “the most talented kid in America” — so yeah, we’re excited to see what he can do.

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You can follow Joseph on Instagram.

Angel Rice Meet Navarro’s Newest Cheerleaders on Season 2 of ‘Cheer’

Angel Rice As a Guinness Book of World Records holder for most double full twists (set live on the Today Show) and a former member of Team USA gymnastics, Rice is already a bona fide star. Her tumbling skills are unmatched; her nickname is the “The Simone Biles of cheerleading.” Previously, she cheered with Rockstar Cheer, the California Allstars and the Stingray Allstars, to name a few. Coach Johnson didn’t even think it was possible to recruit Rice to TVCC, but she was convinced once her brother Jaden joined the team.

Jayden Rice Meet Navarro’s Newest Cheerleaders on Season 2 of ‘Cheer’

Jaden “Jaymo” Rice Rice tumbles alongside his sister at TVCC and has quickly grown close with Johnson and Ben “Benji” Chester. Previously, he cheered for the Stingray Allstars.

You can follow Rice on Instagram.

Ben Chester Meet Navarro’s Newest Cheerleaders on Season 2 of ‘Cheer’

Ben “Benji” Chester Known for his flexibility and clean jumps, Chester rounds out the rookie class of TVCC tumblers. Previously, he trained with Rockstar Cheer.

You can follow Chester on Instagram.

Trinity Valley: The Coaching Staff

Vontae Johnson Meet Navarro’s Newest Cheerleaders on Season 2 of ‘Cheer’

Vontae Johnson As TVCC’s head coach, Johnson pushes the team hard and can stunt with the best of them — as a cheerleader, Johnson earned a spot on Team USA. Johnson, a former Cardinal himself, has something to prove: He’s determined to beat Monica and Navarro for the first time.

Khris Franklin Meet Navarro’s Newest Cheerleaders on Season 2 of ‘Cheer’

Khris Franklin Franklin, TVCC’s former head coach, once coached Johnson. Now, after a few years away, he is back and focused solely on winning the championship.

Brad Vaughn Meet Navarro’s Newest Cheerleaders on Season 2 of ‘Cheer’

Brad Vaughan Vaughan, a cheer choreographer, used to work for Navarro and Coach Monica. Now he choreographs TVCC’s Daytona routine and owns Spirit of Texas, a gym in Arlington, Texas.

You can follow Vaughan on Twitter.

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