Who is Tyrus’ wife? Current relationship and dating history

Santa Claus CATCHES Tydus!!
Santa Claus CATCHES Tydus!!

Who is Tyrus’ wife? Current relationship and dating history

Tyrus is a 6ft 7 inches tall wrestler, weighing over 375 pounds. You’ve got to stand out when you are that size; indeed, he has. Tyrus is among the most popular wrestlers signed to the National Wrestling Alliance. He married a beautiful wife, Ingrid Rinck, a fitness guru and entrepreneur. Although she enjoys her husband’s fame, Ingrid has built her empire and is renowned in the fitness space. It is a marriage between stars. But how much do you know about Tyrus’ wife? Was Tyrus married before?

Who is Tyrus’ wife? Current relationship and dating history

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Who are Tyrus’ wife and children? Everyone has been asking questions about the famous National Wrestling Alliance Wrestler that has made a name for himself in the profession. His wife, Ingrid Rinck, isn’t one to be shy of the limelight, as she enjoys it in equal measure, her conquest being in the fitness arena. So, what is her story, and how long has she been married to the wrestler?

Tyrus’ profile summary

NameGeorge Murdoch
Date of birthFebruary 21, 1973
Age49 years old
Alma materAntelope Valley College, the University of Nebraska at Kearney
Ring name (s)Brodus Clay, G-Rilla, George Murdoch, George T. Murdoch, Monstrous BC, Tyrus
Billed height6ft 7 inches
Billed weight375 lbs
Billed fromThe Concrete Jungle, Pasadena, California, Planet Funk
Trained byDeep South Wrestling, Florida Championship, Wrestling

Who is Tyrus’s wife?

Is Tyrus married? It has been one of the biggest questions among wrestling fans that want to know more details about the professional wrestler’s private life. The good or bad news (if you admired him as a bachelor) is that Tyrus is a married man. He is married to his long-time girlfriend, Ingrid Rinck, an entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast.

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Who is Ingrid Rinck

Ingrid Rinck was born on April 24, 1981, and is 41 years old as of 2022. The fitness guru was born and raised in the United States of America. However, despite her being famous for her fitness work and because of her husband, not much is known about her formative years.

His father, Gary Rinck, was a former restaurant owner in the United States of America and has always supported his daughter. He assisted her in setting up her restaurant, Sensible meals.

Ingrid graduated from high school but did not proceed to college. She has never revealed the reasons for not advancing her studies. Despite this, she has set up various successful ventures.

Tyrus’ wife, Ingrid, has a fitness company. She is also the Chief Executive Officer of Sensible Meal, a restaurant her father helped her create. Ingrid is also a fitness model for her business.

Ingrid has accumulated over 25 years of experience in the fitness field and has dozens of certifications. Therefore, Ingrid might be famous as the husband of Tyrus, but she has a thriving career, which has made her extremely popular.

When did Tyrus and Ingrid marry?

Tyrus confirmed that he was in a relationship with Ingrid Rinck in 2020. Before they came out, Tyrus and Ingrid were spotted in public numerous times and even lived together. Despite these occurrences, the couple was tight-lipped about their relationship, and it was hard to tell whether they were married.

In April 2020, Tyrus put speculations at bay by confessing that he was married to Ingrid, and the marriage had happened some years back. He, however, never specified the exact year of their marriage. Instead, Tyrus tweeted that he gave his wife an actual proposal after being married to her for years.

Married for years but officially gave her a real proposal. It’s never too late to make things right! This woman is my everything; she deserves the world, and it’s my honour she chose me, the love of my life and my life. Anyone that knows her knows green.

Tyrus’ children

How many children does Tyrus have? Tyrus has five children so far. Before Ingrid met and married Tyrus, she was in another relationship. She had two kids with the guy, two sons named Rhett and Rock.

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On the other hand, Tyrus had already had two children before marrying Ingrid. Numerous reports state that he had a daughter and son with a previous partner, and the identity of these kids has remained mysterious to the public.

Tyrus and Ingrid have one child together, Georgie Jane Murdoch. She was born on May 7, 2014, and is currently eight. Ingrid shared a touching message on her Instagram praising her daughter for her excellent coordination while working out.

My beautiful girl has discovered how good free movement without competition or judgement can feel, and I’m so blessed to be able to involve her in #therinckroutine! And true to this brand, we don’t edit photos or have makeup/hair teams because we want to bring forth falling in love with the girl you see in the mirror every day, not just your “put together” days.

Quick facts about Tyrus’ wife

  1. How did Ingrid lose weight? Tyrus’ wife altered her diet after she started meal prepping for her son. She lost weight in the process.
  2. What is Rinck’s routine? The Rink Routine (TRR) is a creative lifestyle brand centred on the healing movement created by fitness guru Ingrid Rinck. She is the mother of three children and wife to famous wrestler Tyrus.
  3. Who was Ingrid Rinck’s first husband? The identity of her first husband remains a mystery. She is currently married to professional wrestler Tyrus, who is signed to the National Wrestling Alliance.
  4. How many children does Ingrid have? Ingrid has been blessed with three children. They are sons, Rhett and Rock, and daughter, Georgie Murdoch.
  5. How old is Ingrid? Tryrus’ wife was born on April 24, 1981. This means that she is 41 years old as of 2022.
  6. What is Ingrid’s occupation? Tyrus’ wife is a fitness trainer and entrepreneur. She started Rinck fitness company by owning a gym. She is also the CEO of Sensible Meal.
  7. Is Tyrus’ wife on Instagram? Tyrus’s wife, Ingrid, is on Instagram under the handle @ingridnck.
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Tyrus’ wife is Ingrid Rinck. She is an entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast that has established an incredible reputation in the space. Even though the two love birds have never confirmed the exact date of their wedding, they confirmed that they had been married to the wrestler for quite some time.

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